Thursday, September 18, 2014

Travel Essentials

Since I have been traveling a lot (headed to Maryland this weekend for my Big's wedding!!!!), I figured I would share some of my must haves.
Kind Bars- For when you're on the verge of hangry. The protein version is my new favorite... dark chocolate peanut butter is delish! 

Lipgloss- because you want to keep your lips hydrated!

Backup iPhone Battery- I have this case that acts as a backup battery and love it. Because who hates when you can't check Instagram... or text your friends!

Cashmere Scarf- I have this scarf and it is so cozy. Planes are always freezing... plus this is great to have if unexpected cool weather arrives. I like to make sure this is a neutral color so it works with any outfits I may have packed. 

Sunglasses- I carry all of mine with me in my carry on (which also forces me to only choose a few pair).. because who wants to risk losing their sunglasses if their luggage gets lost (my worst fear). 

Lotion- I've written about this lotion before (here) and I cannot get enough. It smells amazing. 

iPad/Computer- Because you can't put them in your checked bag! 

Sleep Mask- Because naps make the world go round. I actually wear one to bed every night.. can't sleep without one! Check out this cute option from Etsy! 

These are just the basics, but being cold or hungry can really ruin a trip for me! What are your traveling essentials? Have a fabulous day! 



kTm said...

I always make sure to bring a water mist (evian makes a really great one! you can pick it up at ulta) to keep my skin hydrated and refreshed while on the plane. I don't know what it is about airplane air but this always seems to make my skin feel twenty times better. If you try it definitely let me know what you think!

Pick Your Beau

Hunter said...

Love that sleep mask! I just might have to order it!

Prep on a Budget

Celyn PS said...

great post! loving your essentials!

Melissa Blake said...

Awww! Those sunglasses remind me of Top Gun!!

Sasha Reilly said...

I always buy the largest bottle of water that I can find - airplanes absolutely ruin my skin! And I am totally lusting over that scarf, I wish I didn't already own so many.

Anonymous said...

Happily heading towards the sun for a long weekend. Was pleased to see I wasn't the only one who packed multiple pairs of sunnies in her carry on. - KLV in PHL


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