Saturday, November 8, 2014

Saturday Shopping

I hadn't been to the Lilly website in quite some time, and decided to check in... well I'm in love with their Fishing For Compliments print. Another item added to the Christmas wish list: a Murfee in this print! I love Murfee scarves because they are a great pop of color during the dreary, dead of winter! 

Speaking of Lilly, they brought back the Bryn cashmere sweater. I have this sweater in camel from last year from Country Squire Haberdashery and love love love it! It is the coziest-- I wear it out and during the day, but it's so cozy, that I wear it around the house like a robe. 

Speaking of sweaters-- my love for an awesome gray sweater, never ends. This chunky turtleneck version is my newest favorite.

I just wore these loafers for the first time last week and they might be the most comfortable shoe I've ever worn. They look a lot like Tod's, but are well under $100. The quality is impeccable for the price! 

This sweater, from this post, is currently on sale. It may not be the most fashionable sweater, but it is truly one of the most comfortable things ever. I bought one in every color, because I wear them like sweatshirts around my house. Yes, that cozy. 

Barbour and Land Rover teamed up to produce a jacket and the final product is awesome. It's a bit pricey, no doubt, but it's definitely one to have if you are a Barbour fan! 

Meet my latest dress crush, which also happens to be my Thanksgiving dress. What do you think? I love the brown and blue combination! 

Madewell is currently having a 25% off sale (use code YESPLEASE) on select items. This sweater is calling my name. I actually think I have a sweater hoarding issue... but what can I say, I am always cold. 

Did you know Nordstrom is currently having a huge sale? If you are looking for a pair of classic black pumps, these are for you... if you are looking for Burberry.. yep, that's on sale, too. 

What have you been shopping lately? Have a fabulous day! 


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