Tuesday, December 30, 2014


I've been up to a lot lately, so I thought I would share! This post is all over the place. First up, I saw two on demand movies over the holidays. The Other Woman and If I Stay

The Other Woman was awesome. A total chick flick, girl-power type movie, but you could watch this and just be satisfied with all of the gorgeous clothing. Carly's (Cameron Diaz's) Manhattan apartment was also major eye candy. The outfit in the above still was my favorite from the movie, but Kate's (Leslie Mann) wardrobe was a close second. 

If I Stay held my attention, but nothing to write home about... the ending was the worst. One good thing that came from If I Stay: This Song. Cannot stop playing. 

I'm not a huge Ann Taylor shopper, but really couldn't resist popping in this season. Fell in love with this simple ballet pink sweater

Yes, my friends (see what I did there), the entire season is coming to Netflix... just in time for the freezing cold days ahead. Throw me a blanket and  pour me some hot tea or wine and I'm never leaving my bed. Kidding... kind of. 

Christmas may be over, but I'm still obsessively burning my Holiday candle. Best scent. Gives my favorite, Feu de bois, a run for its money.... practically half the price, too. 

I'm obsessed with this song. I've been playing it over and over and over. Can't get enough. So catchy and fun to drive to. 

Talbots is having their Red Hanger sale right now. Things are deeply discounted and it's awesome. This sweater is $36!! I wear it all the time. There are several wool coats under $100.. my favorite is this classic and preppy toggle coat. There are also great shoes (super comfortable, quality/well made). This suede pair is only $36. Winning. 

Neiman Marcus + Super inexpensive never really go into the same sentence... until now. I scored these classic pumps for a song. Definitely worth it if they have your size-- they're comfortable, too! 

I forgot how much I love my monogrammed all-in-one pouch. I took it to Christmas mass with me and it was the perfect shade of Christmas green. I've been using it non-stop ever since! Have a fabulous day! 



Taylor Knittel said...

I love OctaHate! One of my suitemates found it on Spotify this fall and I can't get enough of it! Neiman Marcus Last Call is one of my favorite websites! I got a pair of Jacks last spring for a steal! You have awesome taste (:

xo Taylor | The Taylor Diaries

Farrah said...

I've considered getting the pouch, but I wish it had credit card slots.

Kelly Marie Keating said...

Ah! I have had that song on repeat as well this month. Melodic and meaningful! Happy 2015 :)


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