Thursday, December 18, 2014

Ralph Lauren's Polo Bar

I consider Ralph one of my spirit animals. The entire company is a creative but tasteful powerhouse. Well, Ralph has done it again with his Polo Bar. It's a restaurant with an uber cool vibe and the most beautiful interior design. Next time I'm in Manhattan, I'm making this my first stop. I would imagine their g&t's are great and their burgers even better. Who's headed to Ralph's? I'm thinking the bar could be like a more civilized, grown-up version of Dorrian's, which is a good thing in my book.  Have a fabulous day!



Farrah said...

I adore Mr. Lauren's aesthetics and would love to visit his bar.

HMB said...

I'm dying to try out Polo Bar next time I'm in NYC! I feel like it's a much, much better version of the Rugby cafe that was in G'town.

Annie said...

I went to their coffee shop and it was AMAZING. A little pricey but for Ralph, I'll do anything. :) Just wish they had their super cute mugs for sale!


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