Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Royal Caribbean Freedom of the Seas Cruising Part II

Recapping some of my trip to the Bahamas with Royal Caribbean on Freedom of the Seas... warning, photo overload!
Nothing makes you appreciate being sent off to warmer weather than sitting on a flight, 45 minutes behind schedule due to de-icing the plane. I was worried that I was going to miss my connection because we were so behind schedule. I loved the yellow de-ice machines, though... they reminded me of minions.

What else does one due when sitting on a place for 45 minutes at 7am as the plane defrosts? Selfies, of course. This de-icing process also gave me time to text in our group text with all the girls-- Katie and Krista were also de-icing, but theirs took so long, they almost missed boarding the boat in Florida!! Luckily, Royal Caribbean was so accommodating, that all of the right people were motivated and they were ready to hold the ship just for the girls! But alas, so thankful that everyone made it safe and sound. 

Flight #2 gave me time to catch up on my Town and Country-- this one included the top 50 bachelors and Ansel Elgort (swoon) graced the cover.

I also was able to get a lot of work done, which made me enjoy my weekend getaway that much more. 

As soon as I landed in Florida, I could tell the warm weather was here!! Seeing the palm trees was so exciting. As soon as we boarded the Freedom of the Seas, we grabbed lunch at the Windjammer and then headed onto the deck with our fruity cocktails to enjoy the views before we set sail. The food was delicious and the cocktails were just what we needed to put us all into relaxation mode.

We then checked out our rooms, which were pretty spacious for cruise standards. My bedroom had a desk and large sitting area with a couch... not to mention a large balcony and cozy queen bed. If you've ever been on a cruise, you know how tiny the rooms can be! We threw on our suits and headed to one of the many hot tubs... and you guessed it, more fruity drinks.

We had a cocktail party to attend hosted by the Royal Caribbean team, so we headed back to our rooms right around sunset to get ready. My favorite part was getting ready in my stateroom as we cruised. The sound of the water and the light from the sunset really set the tone! I may or may not have played Bobby Darin's, Somewhere Beyond the Sea a few times, just for fun.

The cocktail reception was held in a lounge on one of the higher decks of the ships with pretty views. Delicious drinks and hors d'oeuvres were served and we got to learn some fun facts about the Freedom of the Seas... like there was literally an entire ice rink on the ship!!

My dress for that night was Anthropologie from this past summer. It doesn't look like it is available any longer on their website!

I had the surf 'n turf at dinner in the gorgeous dining room. It was a perfectly cooked filet and lobster tail with some veggies. YUM. The dining room was stately and decked out with the most gorgeous chandeliers. After dinner, we went to one of the many bar areas for more cocktails! Some of the girls headed to a silent disco, but I headed back to my room to bed-- I was exhausted!! It was so great to fall asleep to the sound of the waves. Have you ever been on a Royal Caribbean cruise? Have a fabulous day! 



Erin @ Her Heartland Soul said...

What a fun trip! Nothing makes you appreciate a warm trip more than leaving horrible weather to get there!

Her Heartland Soul

Sarah said...

So much fun! The de-icer machines totally remind me of minions too. I've sadly been on far too many flights that needed to be de-iced - problems of a Canadian Prairie girl I guess!

Sweet Spontaneity

Elizabeth DeSilva said...

Looks like so much fun! I'm looking at possibly going on a cruise soon & Royal Caribbean is a top contender for me!


Farrah said...

I love your taste in music.


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