Saturday, March 7, 2015

Ferragamo Varinas on Sale

I know every blogger has been posting about the ShopBop sale, but here's my take: Go for the Ferragamo Varinas

They're about $100 off usual price and varinas hardly ever go on sale. Also, make sure to add a pair of socks or something else small to get your cart over $500. Once you hit $500, you get 20% versus 15% off. If you didn't add the socks to your cart, you'd be paying $16.75 you get socks.. or whatever you choose to add! It's a win-win. 

The sale ends tonight, so act swiftly... it's also good to note that you can return most items if they end up not working out. I like to order a bunch of things and then when I receive, I try everything on and make sure I love it and then I return things I don't love...I used to not do this but then would end up regretting not getting something at the sale price! Have a fabulous day! 


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