Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Mansur Gavriel Tote Look for Less

 To say I've gotten my money's worth out of my Mansur Gavriel tote would be an understatement. I take this bag to work daily and have used it probably a thousand times since I got it back in August. I love the clean, structured, minimalist design and the classic silhouette of the bag. The pop of red is a lot of fun, too! 

I know many have e-mailed me or asked me about the bag through comments on social media. The bag is hard to come by... I had to preorder mine and wait a very long time to get it. You can preorder now for one of your own for delivery in June. 

For those concerned about the somewhat steep price tag, I have found budget friendly options for you! First, let me preface this by saying I definitely think the Mansur Gavriel's quality is unmatched, and really, that price for a gorgeous leather piece is inexpensive. I would recommend the bag to everyone. But, here are some budget friendly options (although I cannot speak to the quality.):

This tote has a beige interior but has a very similar look to the MG. Also, the price tag is way less. My only disclaimer is that the bag is not leather, it is PVC, so beware. 

This one is almost an identical copy of my bag and under $30! Again, this is not leather, but still looks pretty! 

Have you had your eyes on a Mansur Gavriel bag? Have you tried one of these looks for less? Have a fabulous day! 



Lauren said...

I love the red detail on both of those bags!


Laura Mitbrodt said...

That bag is perfect! It goes with everything

Brittany said...

Thanks for some budget friendly options. I love the Mansur Gavriel tote but can't bring myself to spend that much. There are too many other things on my wish list.


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