Tuesday, May 5, 2015

What's in my clutch

Everything I bring to a wedding in my Chanel bag
Chanel Powder// Bag (less pricey version here)

I've been going to a lot of weddings lately which is so fun and exciting. I've been to two in just the past month. With that said, I'm a big bag person. I like to be prepared and carry anything and everything in my handbags. Unfortunately, for formal events, a clutch/smaller bag is almost always necessary. 

When I got my Chanel bag, I knew it was more of an evening bag, but the space is at a premium in this bag. It's helped me to really pare down what I bring. Above are my necessities. The powder/gloss/lipstick/perfume to freshen up after dancing is key. 

Sometimes, I'll bring my small wallet along, but sometimes I'll even just ditch my wallet altogether and bring a $20, a card and my ID. Also, as a sidenote, the tampax pockets are genius. I always carry them regardless of 'that time of the month' just to play it safe, and these are sooooo tiny. Also, I love gum, but when gum is not appropriate, I have listerine strips!

What do you pack in your smaller bags? Have a fabulous day! 



Anonymous said...

Do you usually carry a big wallet as well or is the key chain all you use? I have that key chain wallet as well and feel silly carrying it with a big wallet, but switching back and forth is tedious sometimes.

Summer Wind said...


I only use the key ring wallet. It's really all I need. I used to have a big wallet but always got so heavy and was annoying to carry around when I just wanted to run out for coffee.

Erin said...

Cute! I love what's in my purse posts!

Her Heartland Soul

Anonymous said...

Great post! I've heard a lot about the "Les Beiges" powder, and I think I'm going to take the plunge soon and buy a compact.


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