Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Guest Post: What to Bring to College

Today my sister Callie is popping in to write a guest post. Since it's back to school, I figured she would be the perfect person to cover this topic since she is going into her senior year at University of Kentucky! The photo above was taken Callie's freshman year at Keeneland! Time flies, ahh! Thanks for writing, Callie!

I can't believe it's almost back to school already! I had Sydney to tell me what to bring to college and it was very helpful. I realize that some people don’t have an older sibling and are the first child off to college... or maybe you have an older brother who doesn’t understand your need to bring 10 pairs of shoes with you.

Since I'm going into my senior year at UK, I thought it'd be fun to share my experiences in hopes that they help you! These are all things I wish I could go back to freshmen year and tell myself!

Umbrella: One (under $30)// Two// Three (this one is so cool!)
Jackets: One// Two// Three 

Get a small umbrella and always keep it in your backpack. I check the weather everyday but you never know when a random shower will pop up (and you have to keep your laptop safe!) I'd also suggest getting a cute raincoat if you don't already have one. You’ll be doing a lot of walking in the rain, so you'll want it to be handy and cute! See above for my favorite picks!

Get a good water bottle. I had a terrible one that leaked all over my backpack sophomore year and ruined my computer. It was a nightmare! Now, I love Tervis water bottles. You can customize them and they are durable and don't leak.

This one may sound weird but get yourself a nice laundry bin. I had a bad one my freshman year and It was awful. The laundry room was in the basement of my dorm, so carrying it up and down stairs full of clothes finally weighed it down and my basket ripped and clothes went everywhere. I would suggest an XL L.L. Bean tote. They're great quality and very durable. Speaking of laundry, I highly suggest Tide pods. They're perfect for laundry beginners. I know it’s embarrassing but I had to call my mom from the laundry room my first time doing laundry! With the pods you literally toss one in with a load and voila!

Snack bins are key. There might be a day or a week or even months (depends where you go to school) where you’re fed up with the dining hall food and you just want to snack. My school's food is just OK. Sydney's school was top 3 in the nation and had amazing meals like fresh sushi, brick oven pizza and pastry chefs on staff, so judge this after you arrive at school! I'm a big snacker so, I believe in that and 100% support it. Also by having the snack bin, it will make you popular among your neighbors if you choose to be generous. I kept mine under my bed, but just be sure your bin is entirely closed off so it doesn't attract bugs! Above are my favorite snacks to have on hand. They're delicious and also somewhat healthy.

So you knew this was coming: a planner. I know Lilly planners are all the rage...I had one freshmen year. It was incredibly helpful and made me so organized. While a Lilly planner is the cutest, you should choose your planner based on your schedule and needs.

Have stationery on hand. You never know who you need to write a thank you note to. My grammy always sends me letters and I always send her one back. Even for fun sometimes I send my friends letters. While it's 2015, and a simple text or e-mail can suffice, a personal handwritten note is always a nice touch.

Before you pack up your entire wardrobe and haul it all the way to your new dorm room, let me stop you right there! I guarantee you wear 1/3 of the clothes you originally bring your freshman year. I won best dressed in high school and if anyone who voted for me saw the way I dress to class in college they would realize that was short lived.

I still take pride in the way I dress and will sometimes dress nicely, but I go to a large school where the campus is spread out and the weather is bipolar. It is hard to walk around all day looking cute when its 90 degrees and raining. 95% of the girls on my campus wear a combination of leggings, Nike shorts, oversized t-shirts, and Jack Rogers. It’s an unofficial uniform and when people dress up, it's assumed they have an interview or presentation. Definitely keep in mind that this can differ campus to campus.

One (Sydney loves this in pink)// Two// Three
Four// Five// Six 

Use a backpack! Sydney is a huge tote fan, but I am team backpack. Longchamps and L.L. Bean totes are very popular on campus and adorable, too, but I do not recommend walking about from class to class, all over campus with a bag on one shoulder weighing you down. I had a Longchamp and quickly ditched it because the straps are too thin and would dig into my shoulder! I chose a backpack so I can walk comfortable around campus, fit all of my stuff, and so I didn't have to feel bad setting it on the dirty floor or in the grass.

That's it! Those are some things I could think of off the top of my head. What are some great tips you learned throughout college? Share in the comments so other can read and get advice, too! Thanks to Sydney for having me guest post!


Emily said...

Definitely agree on the rain gear - it's essential! My school however was HUGE on dressing up. It was like a fashion show every day!


Sammy Sohl said...

This was so helpful!!! Thank you so much Callie and Sydney!


Erin Fairchild said...

Yes to those snappea crisps! The best!!

Her Heartland Soul

Kate Reeve Losee said...

I suggest an eggcrate or memory foam mattress topper!

Katie M said...

Love all of these!


Kate Reeve Losee said...

Also a comfortable pair of flip flops that dress up or down, and at least one cute black or printed dress that won't show stains if you get spilled on at a party!


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