Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Perfect Nightshirt

First of all, I'd like to say that my 13 year old cousin, Jack, took these photos.... aren't they great for a guy his age? He's the best and such a good sport. Thanks, Jack!

I am not a morning person. At all. I love sleep so much. However, I have become somewhat of a morning person because of having to get up for work each morning. Adulting is hard ('adulting' has recently become one of my favorite fake word verbs, FYI). In college I was the queen of sleeping. No joke, I could go to bed at midnight and wake up at noon the next day. My roommates knew not to coming knocking until after noon. Ohhh the college days. 

Now, I stick to a pretty crazy schedule and admit to not getting the sleep my body needs. Because I work and blog and freelance and try to have a social life, I don't go to bed until around 1am each night and then get back up at 6:45am. Because of that, on weekends, I usually go to bed early and wake around 9 without an alarm. A major improvement from my college days, that's for sure. One day I hope to be someone that naturally wakes at 7am... one day. 

Well, I will say, I am proud to report on vacation, I never slept in too late, but it was quite the luxury to be able to sleep as long as I'd like. Heading down to the dock when I woke up to catch up on my book was probably one of the best parts of the day. This book, Summer at Tiffany's is a great read. I had read it a few years ago (read my review, here) and fell in love and decided to re-read. Definitely solidified my love for this book! 

I have the shirt/pants version of these pajamas, but just recently got the nightshirt. The cotton is light and easy and the style is very classic. It fits comfortably loose but without a frumpy look. It's the perfect PJ's for this time of year... I like to wear nightshirts during the fall months with high cozy socks to lounge around in the mornings! Do you have a favorite type of Pjs that you prefer? Have a fabulous day! 


Anonymous said...

So cute! What size are you wearing?

Summer Wind said...

Anonymous, thank you! I am wearing a size small!

Erin Fairchild said...

I love that nightshirt! And the photos are amazing!

Her Heartland Soul

Lauren said...

That night shirt is so cute!


Coralie Norris said...

Hi Lauren, My name is Coralie. I'm an International student majoring in Business at JMU and I'm also a Fashion/Travel/CollegeLife blogger. I really enjoy your blogpost and I'm super proud to find a fellow dukes in the Blogging world. I'm looking forward to read more of your publication. Keep Inspiring.

By Cora with love


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