Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Classic Norwegian Sweater + Plaid Flannel

L.L.Bean Norwegian Sweater, Paid Flannel Shirt and Hunter Rain Boots

There are few things more classic than a norwegian sweater for the fall and winter months. Well-made, boasting a classic design in hues that match almost anything under the sun, you really can't go wrong. Not to mention, the warmth level is off the charts. 

This sweater has been around forever, but became super popular in the late '80s when The Preppy Handbook featured the classic crew-neck Norwegian sweater. Fast forward 30 years and this classic sweater is still a wardrobe staple. When L.L. Bean sent me these two items, I was so excited to pack them up and take them with me! 

When I went to visit my sister in Kentucky a few weekends ago, we unfortunately had bad weather. It was freezing and rained all weekend. It gave me a little taste of the cold winter that is about to come... fall can stay as long as it wants, thank you. Fortunately, we did get a bit of sun on the last day when we snapped these photos on the way to Windy Corner Market for lunch. You may have also seen this outfit from my Instagrams when we visited Talon Winery on a very cold and rainy day! We were supposed to be going to Keeneland, however, decided to stay indoors due to the cold and rain! 

This outfit was so perfect for traipsing around a vineyard in cold, wet conditions. I even had to add the puffer vest over top because of how cold it was. I actually didn't plan on having to wear the vest, but really loved how nicely the mossy green color of the vest worked with the navy sweater! Then I re-wore to lunch sans vest because the grassy areas were all still pretty wet. 

Not only did this comfortable and classic outfit keep me warm, but I got a lot of compliments, too! For sizing reference, I am wearing a size small in both the sweater and the shirt and a size 27 in the denim...all of the pieces run true to size. The hunter boots run small, in my opinion, so size up! I linked to the men's versions of the sweater and flannel shirt, so be sure to check them out as they make really nice gifts during the holidays!

As for those in Kentucky or visiting Lexington, I highly recommend Talon Winery. It is gorgeous and the wine was wonderful! I took home a bottle of their Syrah because I loved it so much! Windy Corner Market was a bit of a drive, but a gorgeous drive, nonetheless. Set out in the 'country' this little market has amazing food and drinks and lots of outdoor seating! Not to mention, you are surrounded by beautiful farms all around! Have a fabulous day!  


Kristin Thompson said...

I loved seeing you Snapchats from Kentucky, it looked like you were having so much fun! This outfit is too cute - so preppy & perfect for fall! I agree with you that fall weather can stay for a while, it's my favorite!

The Blush Blonde

Erin said...

Gorgeous plaid!

Her Heartland Soul


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