Thursday, October 8, 2015

Lately 10/8

Wearing: Hunter boots. I really tried to avoid these boots because I know they are so basic and overdone. I finally gave in and I completely understand why everyone and their mother has a pair. They are so comfortable and with all the rain that just came through, I don't know what I would have done without them. They have become a closet staple for me, without a doubt! My suggestion would be to size up if you are in between sizes! I got the tour version which are packable because I want to be able to travel with them and stow them away in suitcases! For right now, they make really cute sock liners that are just the right height for the boots! For winter, they make down liners which look so cozy. Definitely on my Christmas wish-list!

Also wanted to share this.. It's a little late in the season for this-- but I stumbled upon Katie Kime and her ginger jar skirt and about DIED. I love blue and white decor-- especially ginger jars and this skirt has put my love of blue and white interiors into something I can wear! Haven't seen anything I love this much in a while!!

Watching: I saw The Intern last weekend and it was good. Actually, the entire thing was good (just good) until the ending... which just fell flat. But it's worth seeing. The clothes that Anne Hathaway's character, Jules, wears are gorgeous. It also addresses a lot of things that I think many young professional women deal with. Robert De Niro's character was so charming and wonderful. I'd see it again just to see how adorable he is in the movie! Vogue ran an interesting review of the movie-- one that I agree with... it's definitely worth the read, but warning, it has spoilers!!

I also recommend Iris, which is the documentary on Iris Apfel (available on Netflix). It was so good and interesting as to how she has collected so many pieces over the years. It will also make you feel better when you don't want to get rid of some of your favorite pieces of clothing!

Eating: Ok, so this is what I wish I was eating: Fortnum and Mason's champagne iced lollies. It's basically an adult push up ice pop. I am headed to London in the spring so I am excited to check out F and M!

Pittsburgh-ing: Have to give a shoutout to Daya who currently goes to my high school alma mater and and sings the hit song (super catchy), Hide Away. Her voice is amazing... her album comes out on October 30th!

Listening: I've also been playing this song on repeat. It's upbeat and fun and really great when you are working out! As always, you can follow my October playlist, here.

Traveling: I just got back from visiting my sister in Lextington at UK and today I am headed to Florida with Grace and Danielle for a fun little getaway with Hilton Sandestin! I'm so excited because the 30A area is one of my favorite places in the entire world. It's so beautiful-- the water is bright blue and the sand is like white powdery sugar! I was a little unsure what to pack, because it's going to still be warmer, but it's also fall.. I think I have a good mix! Follow along on Instagram an Snapchat (SummerWind41490)!

Reading: Freeze your tights. I learned this after reading this article. I think I'm going to have to try it out. I'm always getting a run in my tights!

I love Snapchat and this article from AdWeek is a great read about the social media platform. I'm so glad it only started a few years ago while I had been graduated from college. Unlike Twitter, Instagram and Facebook, I was still too young to watch them and really get into them, but it's fun and a great learning experience to follow along with Snapchat as they make business decisions.

Wanting: I am honestly not wanting anything this week. I've about hit my capacity on fall shopping and look forward to the holiday rollouts. I love all the plaids, velvet and glitter and cozy knits that are about to hit the stores in the coming few weeks! Here are some things that I have been browsing and would like to add to my closet... if I had about 5 more closets ;)

Loving: Dry cleaning. Ok, that's weird, I know, but this is your friendly reminder that it's about to get coat weather cold in just about 2 weeks if you live above the Mason Dixon line/in the northeast. I just took all my coats to be dry cleaned, replaced a button and had a pocket lining replaced at the tailors to make sure my coats are in top shape once the temps really take a dip.


Portuguese Prepster said...

I've had my Hunters for about 6 or 7 years now and they are the best - especially on rainy days in NYC! Also, you will LOVE Fortnum and Mason. It's beyond charming.

Stephanie Greer said...
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Hannah said...

I love Nancy Meyers movies but I just wasn't a fan of the Intern. I was so excited for it too!

Rebecca Virginia said...

So not ready for winter coats yet, glad I won't need them until December!

Lauren said...

I love Hunter boots - I have worn mine so much over the years, I need to get a new pair! Hope you have a great beach trip!


Erin Fairchild said...

I love that bag!

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