Saturday, October 31, 2015

New Video: NYFW 2015

First off, Happy Happy Halloween! I hope everyone has a wonderful holiday, eats lots of treats and gets a scare or two! Tonight, I'm headed to an engagement party-- so no costume for me!

This is long overdue, however, better late than never, right? I went to New York for fashion week back in September. This was my third year and this time, I brought a small camera that could fit in my small bags/clutches, in hopes that I would remember to take some video. I actually remembered to take some, not much, but enough to give you a glimpse into what my quick 4 days was like! I finally got around to splicing it all together! Please note, I am not a videographer nor am I an editing pro, so this is very 'homemade'!! If you are wondering about any of the outfits in this video, read this post with my recap of everything I wore

I'm going to try and continue to take some video when I travel and make more videos like this. I don't love making YouTube tutorials, but I do enjoy this style of video! If you have a YouTube/Google account, you can subscribe to my YouTube channel so you'll know when I update my channel with a new video. Click here, and click the subscribe button on the upper right of the page. Have a fabulous day and thanks for watching!


Kayla S said...

I love the song you chose for the video, it's so upbeat and catchy! I hate to admit it took me more than a few Google searches to find it haha. I'm looking forward to more videos from you, I enjoy watching them!

Kayla || Keynotes from Kay

Christi Lindsay said...

I've never been to New York, much less NYFW, so thank you so much for sharing! Once again, I get to live vicariously through you lol


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