Wednesday, October 7, 2015

On Thoughtfulness

As a millennial myself, I'm always annoyed by the fact that we are labeled the 'selfish' generation. While I can see that there are some aspects of a 20-somethings life that are selfish, I am bothered by the blanketed stigma.

I'm not perfect. I am selfish from time to time, for sure. However, I think that we as young 20-somethings and people in every generation (myself included) can all work a bit more on being thoughtful. It's a simple concept that can be easily looked over in day-to-day life. Everyone is so preoccupied with themselves-- which is pretty understandable when we live with ever growing to-do lista, stressful responsibilities at work, familial duties, the list goes on and on. Life is full and hard and we're all doing the best we can, right?

But... being thoughtful is one of the most rewarding and simple ways to live life. Have you thought of others today? 

Is your friend starting a new job? Think about texting her words of good luck and well wishes and ask her how her first day was. Is a friend's parent or grandparent sick? Sending a card or flowers to let them know you are thinking of them is always a nice touch. Did your cousin just pass the bar exam? A simple call with your congratulations and well wishes is all that is needed. Did your mailman's wife have a baby? Let him know you are so happy for him and his family. Can you see your neighbor outside struggling to carry her groceries into her house? Go out and help.  Did your friend have a baby recently and is worn out? Offer to babysit while she runs errands-- or offer to do her errands for her. Always remember birthdays. Always write thank you notes. Be a good friend. 

Life is too short only to ever be thinking of yourself. We all have off days-- days that seem impossible, but if someone was thoughtful of you during your off days, it would make your day a little more bearable, wouldn't it?

I write this post, not because I experienced someone being unthoughtful, but because I realize how lucky I am to have such truly thoughtful people in my life. It makes life so much richer and more enjoyable when you realize how many people truly care about you.

I'm slowly learning, but as you get older, you see more clearly, all of the people you have been blessed to have in your life. I'm lucky to have the people I do in my life, and I hope they can tell that I feel that way and that they also feel lucky to have me in their lives!

Moral of the story- let someone know you are thinking of them today (and everyday) and are thankful for them in your life. And kill that selfish label that us Millenial's have amongst other generations!

Edited to Add: After finishing the post-- scheduling it and having it ready to go, I saw this incredibly inspiring story of best friends being thoughtful for each other. It's an absolute must watch. So heartwarming and really shows you how thoughtfulness for one another can go such a long, long way. Watch this video first, then follow up with part II


Anonymous said...

Great post, Sydney. It is true we all could be more thoughtful in this world!

DC Girl in Pearls said...

I'm a HUGE fan of snail mail, it's such a fun surprise to have something in your mailbox that's not a bill (or the tenth Chinese takeout menu!). Trader Joe's has super cute cards and they're only $1-$2, super easy to pick up along with your weekly groceries.


Alex Helton said...

LOVE this post!

Unknown said...

What a great post! Thank you for the reminder. Those Ellen videos were amazing!


Erin said...

I love that quote!

Her Heartland Soul

Anonymous said...

This is such a nice reminder of how being thoughtful can not only make someone feel not so alone, but also make you realize the value of a simple gesture of kindness.


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