Saturday, October 3, 2015

Saturday Shopping

Fall shopping is totally my weakness. After accomplishing getting rid of a ton of stuff... think bags and bags full of stuff going to Goodwill-- I am going to add a few new things into my wardrobe. Some of these items are in the front running. Have a fabulous day! 


Laura Cronin said...

Doing the same thing, 4 bags of stuff ready to go to Goodwill, a couple more piles of stuff to go through and then I'm free to shop. I think the last time i thoroughly cleaned out my closet was before college (think summer 2008) so I was due!


Laura Aime Vous

Olivia Luko said...

If you are looking for another place to sell/donate your clothes, try ThredUp. They send you a free bag (or a few) and you mail back your clothes. It takes about 4 to 6 weeks for them to process your bag. They pay you for what they can sell and donate the rest. We have great consignment stores here in Dallas that I love selling at (and in turn getting store credit aka "free" shopping), but if there aren't any Pittsburgh (or you don't want to take the time), I would recommend ThredUp! (I don't work for them and are not sponsored by them, I just have had great success with them twice!)

Anonymous said...

Which lucky Pittsburgh goodwill got all your stuff?


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