Thursday, January 7, 2016

Lately: 1/7

First 'Lately' post of 2016! WOO! I hope you all are having a great start to 2016. Mine has been wonderful so far. It has been absolutely freezing here, and I kind of love it! I was missing winter when it was 60+ degrees in December. I'm so ready to hit the slopes! Above is the dress I wore on New Year's Eve when I was in Annapolis! The photo quality is awful (sorry, we were having too much fun!), but I wanted to share because I love it so much. This dress is just gorgeous and the back is my favorite part. If you have a wedding or formal event coming up, this is the absolute perfect cocktail dress... and at a good price point, too! 

Wearing: These are just some of the items I have been wearing on repeat lately.

Celebrating: My sister Callie turns 22 this weekend (I lovingly call her Cow Cow and Little Moo... long story). I cannot believe it. I still think of her as a small child, but it's so fun that she has been able to go out with me this past year as her 21-year-old self! She graduates in May and I am so excited for her! Happy Birthday little moo, I love you!

Loving: Project Jacquard. It's a must read/watch for anyone interested in sensor technology and textiles. It's so interesting how the fashion industry and tech industry are coming together and will continue to produce amazing things in the future. For example, wearables were big this holiday season-- from Ringly to the Apple Watch, can you imagine what we will have in years to come?!

Listening: I love this mashup of Selena and Justin. Everyone is mashing up the duo and it is amazing. This one by Troye Sivan is amazing, too! I just started my January playlist and am already a little bored, so leave some suggestions in the comments below!

Smelling: My new scent of 2016. It's light and fresh and makes me feel sophisticated!

Watching: One of my goals for 2016 is to get back into uploading YouTube videos. I got such great feedback from my curly hair tutorial (thank you everyone!!) and so many requests to post more videos, that I'm going to do it! Feel free to leave a request of what you'd like to see on my channel... I'm still working on a content calendar but will hopefully have a video up soon!

Reading: Forbes released their 30 Under 30 list. this week. Everyone should check it out.. you can learn about a lot of really amazing companies and read how Millenials are #KillingIt.

Wanting: A haircut. I really need one. You are all going to laugh when I say this, but I got a really terrible haircut last year and haven't been back to get it cut ever since. I'm scarred (not even being dramatic). Hopefully, I'll work up the courage soon, or else I'm going to start auditioning for roles as Rapunzel. 


Unknown said...

YOur NYE dress is stunning!

Kisses from

Grot said...

I like the dresses pictures your share,and it is so interesting

Unknown said...

Love hearing what you've been up to lately! Your NYE dress was stunning!

xx Kathryn


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