Thursday, February 25, 2016

Lately 2/25/16

Loving: Framebridge. It's an absolutely brilliant company that takes any digital image or any physical piece of artwork and custom frames it for you! It's so easy to do. I bought my first 'adult' piece of artwork this summer. Donald Robertson has been my favorite current day artist and to own one of his pieces is a dream come true for me. Framebridge sent me the packaging already addressed and ready to go and all I had to do was to slip in the artwork and a few days later, my piece came back to me beautifully framed and ready to be showed off! It was amazing. I cannot recommend this company more highly. They're especially great for composing gallery walls. I'm definitely going to be a frequent customer!

Wearing: Please excuse my awkward/poor selfie photo, but this is all I snapped on my way out the door to yoga. I started doing yoga back in December and haven't looked back. I only do it once a week, but I'd like to increase that to twice a week. It's so refreshing and a great strength and flexibility workout. Since I've been practicing, these yoga pants have become my absolute favorite things in the entire world. They're truly worth every penny and have the most amazing high waisted band that sucks you in and is particularly good for yoga! I also just got this Patagonia pullover for skiing, but wear it over my yoga tops, too! I just love the way it is fitted but still cozy. I got the black specifically so it would go with both my ski and yoga gear and not show dirt as much (because skiing is not always the most 'clean' sport)! 

Reading: This article about Facebook's new reactions button that has replaced the 'like' button. This article is better than others because it really goes behind the Facebook development team's process, which I love. Basically, when your job revolves around social media, this is a big deal, so sharing for those who are also in social media, but this is really interesting for those in UI/UX, too! 

Watching: This Jimmy Fallon Fuller House x Donald Trump spoof is the best/funniest! Absolutely epic and makes me so so so so so excited for TOMORROW!!!!! 

Wanting: All the spring things. All of the colors and the textures and everything-- I LOVE! We've had a few warm days and I keep saying this, but I just cannot wait for warm weather 24/7. 

Loving: Ventev sent me some phone accessories and I could not love them more. I have a lot of external batteries for my iPhone 6 because my phone's internal battery is totally shot. However, this Ventev battery is hands down THE BEST. It's so thin (it easily fits in my smallest clutches) and the cord is attached right to the battery. I can't tell you how many times in the past, I've had my external battery but no cord, so this is super convenient! The battery also charges my phone twice over. This was absolutely essential when I was flying from Pittsburgh to LA (6+ hours of travel). I definitely recommend this phone battery if you are looking for high quality and longevity! They also have the glass screen protectors. I keep one on my screen at ALL times. It's the best screen protector because the glass protector breaks instead of your actual phone screen. 

Pittsburgh-ing: Last week the New York Times New York Times covered a story about Pittsburgh which makes me soooooooo excited. There is a massive Macy's right on 5th Avenue in downtown Pittsburgh that just closed. It was actually really cool to go in during the week before they closed because literally everything was on sale. You could buy anything and everything they ever used in their window displays and all of the fixtures-- even the mannequins! I should have taken a photo while walking through because it was a sight to see!

When I was growing up, every Christmas, my sister and I would get dressed up and we would go downtown to Macy's with my parents, Grandma, aunts, and cousins to look at the window displays and then to go shop in their kid's store and visit/take photos with Santa. It's truly a wonderful memory I will have forever. My mom even tells stories of when Kaufmann's and Horns and all of the other department stores were located downtown. She fondly tells me how my grandma (her mom) would let her and my aunts skip school sometimes and go downtown to shop and go to lunch. Ohhh the good old days!

Well, department stores are not cutting it downtown any longer and Pittsburgh has had a major renaissance. People (mostly millennials/young professionals) are moving downtown and it's starting to thrive. I am beyond excited to hear that they are doing some incredible things with the old Macy's building. I am super interested to see what retail they bring downtown. I think a concept store similar to something like Club Monaco's Flatiron store in Manhattan that has Strand Books and Toby's Estate Coffee would be such a huge hit (Do you hear me, Club Monaco!?!?!?).

Eating: I'm still on my low carb kick! One of the things I absolutely love to eat for lunch is any type of 'salad' wrapped in lettuce. Chicken salad, tuna salad, egg salad, you name it! It's also super quick and easy to make and very portable/easy to pack. I also really limit my fruit intake because it's high in sugar and carbs, but saw a gorgeous mix at Fresh Market and just couldn't resist. Everything in moderation, right?! I did look up which fruits are the lowest in carbs and some of the fruits included were watermelon, berries, and cantaloupe. I can't wait for watermelon to be in season because that's one of my absolute favorites!

Belieb-ing: Totally just made this one up and this kind of goes in the listening category, but OMG this super quick clip of Justin Beiber is SO good. This needs to be a released song, stat.

Drinking: This past weekend was SO gorgeous outside. On Saturday, it was sunny and about 65 degrees. A lot of places downtown didn't have their outdoor seating out, but Diamond Market in Market Square did, so we popped in for a drink. I had the Blood Orange Jalapeno Margarita and it was amazing! I love jalapeno margaritas so this one intrigued me! I think I will definitely try to recreate this for summertime!

Listening: I've always loved Ed Sheeran, but just rediscovered his song, Make It Rain. It's so bluesy, which I love. It kind of reminds me of James Bay... and speaking of that, have you seen James Bay and Ed Sheeran play together? I came across it just recently and LOVE it. I'm obsessed with both James and Ed, and this is just so so good.

Quoting: I absolutely love this one.

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I'm so inspired by your low carb kick! That looks like such a healthy (and yummy!) lunch!!

xx Kathryn


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