Thursday, February 4, 2016

Lately 2/4/16

Traveling: As you are reading this, I am in Los Angeles! My friend Ava lives there and I finally found a time to visit! I have never been to California before, so I'm excited for a new adventure! Ava and I are super similar in our tastes and interests, so it will be great to get to see LA through her eyes! Another new experience for me will be taking a true red-eye flight. I've taken super late flights, but this time, it's a true all-nighter on my way home. Wish me luck! Be sure to follow along on Instagram and Snapchat (SummerWind41490) for updates!

Reading: I saw someone post this article to Facebook, and fell for the click bait title. But seriously, it's a must read. The little words of wisdom are so true and inspiring. I love little things that make you appreciate life and put things into perspective. My favorites are #4, 6, 8, and 19.

Eating: I'm still on my no-carb kick but have been a little less strict and indulging here and there with things like sushi. I've hit the month mark and I feel SO much better. Not only am I thinner but more awake and alert. I am going to continue as long as possible because I really don't see it as a burden to my lifestyle at all! I will have a chicken recipe up next week that has been my favorite yet!

Cashmere Sweater// Leather Skirt (on sale under $100)
Gray Pumps (similar)// Grey Bag

Wearing: I finally settled on a pair of neutral shoes for the warmer weather (see my shoe roundup here). I went with these and these. I think they'll be perfect for some upcoming warm weather trips I have on deck! I've also been enjoying not having to wear tights with skirts and dresses because the temperatures have been so warm lately!

Watching: The Superbowl is this weekend (duh) and unfortunately, the Steelers aren't in it, so I'm just in it for the commercials. Have you guys seen the Super Bowl Babies commercial?! So so funny and such a good idea from a marketing standpoint. A lot of the commercials have already been released and I have to give bit ups to Colgate's #EveryDropCounts campaign. They used their spot to deliver a PSA about water conservation. I think that will continue to be a trend in traditional TV advertising as most agencies and brands are stepping away from the norm to gain attention and respect.

Wanting: Can you tell I am so over winter clothes? I'm hoping the groundhog was right in that spring is coming early. It's actually been pretty mild here in Pittsburgh, so I guess we are lucky this year, but I cannot wait for sundresses, bikinis, and margaritas!

Pittsburgh-ing: I went to Chaz and Odette with some friends on Friday night. It's in a cozy building right on Baum Blvd. in Shadyside and was featured in Zagat. The atmosphere is pretty and inviting, but that's where my compliments end. I hate to be negative, but we were entirely underwhelmed! The place was pretty empty yet the service was slow. They only had a handful of wines to choose from, so we opted for cocktails. It took so long to get our cocktails (both times we ordered them) and the bar was located just behind our table! The food was good, but nothing to write home about. I can't say I'll be back anytime soon.

Listening: This mashup of Adele's Hello and Mozart's Lacrimosa might be one of the best things EVER. It's a must listen and a must watch, too! The cinematography and production are almost as beautiful as the song itself! Also, my February Spotify playlist is live. You can view it here if you don't have Spotify! And lastly, is anyone else obsessed with Zayn's song, Pillow Talk? I'm embarrassed to admit that I really like it. I was never a huge Zayn fan (#TeamHarry4Ever) but he's growing on me! The video is weird, though, but Gigi is gorgeous nonetheless!!
Loving: How fun is this Hermes perfume bottle? It's refillable. It's probably about the most inexpensive thing from Hermes, ever (under $100).

Quote-ing: I've been pinning a lot of quotes lately, you can find them all, here. 'Maybe it won't work out. But maybe seeing if it does will be the best adventure ever.'


Erin Fairchild said...

Have so much fun in Cali!!

Her Heartland Soul

Anonymous said...

don't forget your body still needs some complex carbs :)

OIivia said...

Seriously love this quote! Thanks for sharing!

Lauren said...

I really like the dress you are wearing in that first picture! I hope you have a wonderful trip!


Laura Cronin said...

Have fun in LA! I went for the first time in November and it's a fun city, so different than the East Coast! I am going back in April for a wedding and can't wait to explore more! Also, loving the clothing you're wanting, I'm so over the cold weather as well!

Laura | Laura Aime Vous

Kathryn Byers said...

Love all of the updates but especially the article you included. What a great read!

xx Kathryn


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