Thursday, March 10, 2016

Lately 3/10/2016

Wanting: This Coach Bleecker Street backpack. It is absolutely gorgeous and a piece I know I would have for years to come. I specifically want it for travel because the more I take totes on flights with me, the more I realize I need something that can let me go completely hands-free. This backpack is classic, sophisticated, well-made, and something I know I will get a lot of use out of. I don't think I've loved something this much in a long time!! I've also been debating on this leather bag, as another option!

Watching: Teens react to Windows 95. This is too funny and makes me feel super old at the same time.

I also saw the movie 'Room' wow was it intense, heavy, and incredibly moving. It was almost hard to watch at times but also really good. It's no wonder Brie Larson, the star of the movie, won an Oscar for Best Actress.

Wanting: It's finally feeling like spring! It's been in the 70s and sunny all week and it has been INCREDIBLE! Once the clocks switch this weekend, then we will really be in full spring mode! The first thing I get when the weather starts to warm up is a new pair of Jack Rogers. Usually, I get one pair each year and then wear the heck out of them. I'm not exaggerating when I say that they're pretty much the only sandal I wear. My favorite color is the gold because it matches everything and feels slightly dressier than a non-metallic color. I've also found the best pair of white jeans EVER. It has taken me forever to find this pair, but I've finally done it! I'll have a full post on them coming soon. And, I'm obsessed with the J.Crew pajama short set for summer, but I find the price tag a little steep for such little fabric!! I found an almost identical pair for a little more than half the price!

Listening: You can find my March playlist, here. I'm slowly adding to it and I have to say, I really like it! I'm currently listening to Hour Glass by Little India and Surprise Yourself by Jack Garratt.

I went to Smoke in Lawrenceville last night with some girlfriends. I had been wanting to try this place since it was in Homestead but never got around to it! Now that it is Lawrenceville, it's more centrally located so we all met for tacos and margaritas! I definitely recommend this place-- the pork and brisket tacos I had were incredible, the margarita was fresh and perfect, and we also got chips and queso which were delicious and unlike your standard chips and queso. The atmosphere is great, too, with exposed brick, Edison bulbs, and an overall hipster(ish) vibe (very casual). It's cash only and right next to Row House Cinema (kind of hard to find it!!!).

Loving: I got this Fab Fit Fun box in the mail a few weeks ago and it's such a fun idea. It's $49 per box and the boxes are sent quarterly. The box I was sent was around a $400 value and had a ton of fun products. My favorite thing I got were Frends earbuds. The sound is so great and I've been using them all the time. They come in a cute little pouch which is perfect for throwing into my bag on the go. You can get $10 off your first box using code SYDC!

 I am headed to stay at the Sonesta Resort Hilton Head Island with some blogger friends for the weekend, and then off to Charleston for the rest of the week! Be sure to check out the other girl's blogs: Krista, Danielle, Caitlin, Sarah, and Grace! We went last year and it was SO much fun. This year, it is Hilton Head's food and wine festival-- right up my alley, that's for sure! I'm also excited for Charleston because I've never been before! I can't wait to explore with Grace and Danielle!

Eating: These are so not healthy, but they are incredibly delicious. I picked these up on a whim and I am so glad I did, I definitely recommend these to anyone who loves the Talenti gelato!

Reading: NY Times article/video of Iris Apfel at Paris Fashion Week. I can't get enough of Iris--she is so fabulous. If you haven't had a chance, watch the documentary on her as well!


Grace Wainwright said...

That video actually makes me feel SO old, but it's so funny! Also, that backpack looks just like your style -- it's so cute! I can't wait to see you this Sunday...eeeeeekkkkk, I've been counting down for MONTHS! I'm gonna squeeze you when I see ya!

P.S. I'll bring the popcorn + wine for Mondays's finale {if there's room in my suitcase ha}

A Southern Drawl

Taylor Aubrey said...

I'll be in Charleston at the same time, how fun! My favorite city, by far! You will love it, Sydney!


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