Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Low Carb Recipe: Spaghetti Squash Chow Mein

Low Carb Recipe: Spaghetti Squash Chow Mein

My low-carb eating habits are moving right along. I'm not as strict anymore (I had pizza and bagels this weekend, but when in New York how can you not !?!), but still try to stick to as healthy of a diet as I can. I've mentioned this a bunch on Summer Wind before, but I really don't like to cook. So I don't. However, trying to be super healthy has forced me into chef mode and I actually don't mind it. It's fun to try new recipes and the best part is when something actually turns out to be amazingly delicious! 

This might be one of my favorite low-carb dishes to date! It doesn't exactly make for the prettiest of pictures, but darn was it good! Plus, it was pretty easy, too! I followed this recipe, but really edited it to make it my own. I love ordering Chinese takeout and was craving it, so the flavor of this dish was awesome! 

The sauce recipe is a little bland, so I got a Chow Mein seasoning packet from the grocery store to help ramp up the flavor. I also added in some fresh ginger and soy sauce as well as spicy sesame oil. I think this improved the flavor 10-fold. 

I also added bean sprouts and broccolini to the mix because I had both on hand and I thought, why not?! The broccolini was actually my favorite part in the end and the bean sprouts gave it a nice crunch. 

Overall it was delicious. I think next time, I'll add in some diced chicken and zucchini. It yielded a ton of food. I'd say it made about 8 meals, so needless to say, we ate it for days. Next time, I think I'll only make half a spaghetti squash in this preparation and do the other half a different preparation. I think this would make a great side as well to complement a complete dinner. Do you have any low-carb recipe favorites? 

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Next up, I'll be sharing a recipe for garlic roasted cabbage steaks with an onion dijon sauce, which has been my favorite thing I've cooked to date! 


Anonymous said...

This looks delish! Would you be willing to do a post of your eats in a day? I'd love to see what a full day looks like since I have been trying to eat lower carb as well.

Lauren said...

This dish looks so tasty!


Just Jess said...

This looks delicious. I recently made cauliflower "fried rice" when I was craving takeout and it was so good. I will have to make this soon!Jess at Just Jess

Kathryn Byers said...

What a great recipe to have on hand! It looks delicious.

xx Kathryn


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