Thursday, April 21, 2016

Lately 4/21/16

Sweater ($22)// Pants ($27)
Shoes// Tote// Sunglasses (25% off!)

Wearing: The outfit above, that you last saw here, is currently available online! Not to mention the pieces are on major sale! The quality is great and the fit is true to size. I'm in a small in the sweater and a 4 in the pants! If you are looking for a super similar, inexpensive sweater, I am loving this one ($28), too! 

Eating: I was sent the sweetest little treat this week- Sugarfina gummies. If you are unfamiliar with Sugarfina, they are a luxury candy boutique in Beverly Hills. I am obsessed with gummy candy (I seriously bought 5 pounds of Haribo gummy bears a few weeks ago hahah) and these are so yummy. The packaging is so darling which I think makes it a perfect gift for anyone that may be hard to shop for! It would even be a perfect favor for a party or shower; just tie with a pretty little bow! I am dying to try the champagne bears

Drinking: Slurpee apparently released a diet coke with cherry slurpee and I totally want to try it. I'm going to have to track down a 7-11 where I can get one!! 

Watching: I just came across The Sixties on Netflix. It's a miniseries by CNN and I watched every episode within a week! Each episode deals with a different topic. My favorite was one about the significance of TV in the 1960's. It discussed how almost every American had a TV by the 1960's and how it changed the landscape of news reporting, pop culture, etc. It was super interesting and goes much deeper into these topics than anything you would have learned in a basic high school or college history class. The TV episode was specifically interesting to me because I saw a parallel in regards to TV in the 1960's and Social Media in the past 10 years or so. It will be interesting to see how people report the social media culture in the early 2000's fifty years from now, don't you think?! 

I have always been convinced that I was born in the wrong decade and this totally furthered my feeling on that. I definitely was meant to be alive back then... Bewitched was popular on TV (my favorite), Mod style was 'in', and great music was all the rage (think The Who and Jefferson Airplane.. two of my favorites!). Also, I watched the episode about the 'British Invasion' which talked all about the Beatles and other British bands that came to America around that time; and I realized Harry Styles looks SO much like Mick Jagger-- crazy!!

I'm now onto The Seventies. I wish they had The Forties and The Fifties-- those are the two I'd be most interested in!  

Pittsburgh-ing: Some girlfriends and I got together for Happy Hour on Monday night. Since it was such a lovely evening, we chose to go to Hotel Indigo in Pittsburgh's East End. It is a new hotel and has a cute little outdoor patio off the main restaurant. During happy hour, the drinks and starters are half off. Everything was delicious-- and even better, Chandon was $5.50 a glass. Talk about a great spot! 

Wanting: In the next 5 weeks, I have graduations, graduation parties, travel, weddings, showers, bachelorette parties, and birthday parties. Overscheduled is an understatement. So I've really been keeping an eye out for a lot of dressier items... I also have something super time consuming coming up in early May which is only adding to the craziness-- more on that to come ;) 

Loving: Laura Geller Illuminator. This looks super gold in the container, so I was a bit hesitant to use it as a highlighter, but it is SO wonderful. It's super easy to apply and it's not very pigmented, so you can't really 'mess up' and it always looks very natural I specifically love it on my brow bone, in the corners of my eyes, and high on my cheek bones.

Listening: I'm already bored of my April Playlist, but I am obsessed with the Lumineers new album. Gale Song is my favorite... I had no idea they used it in the Hunger Games. I linked to YouTube, but the recording on Spotify is better if you have access to that! I've probably played the album like 100 times through already!!

Reading: I finally finished Modern Romance by comedian, Aziz Ansari. I don't normally read comedic books or anthropological books for that matter and this book combined the two. I actually didn't find it that funny, but it was super easy to read because it was written almost like a casual conversation. It had a lot of science and data backing up the studies, though which was super insightful and interesting. I definitely recommend it for anyone looking for a quick, light read. 
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Emily said...

I bought the sugarfina champagne bubbles and bears from Nordstrom around Christmas - hey were so yummy and perfect to pop in our champs on NYE

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Kathryn Byers said...

Yum! I'm dying to try Sugarfina dummies. Those look so delicious!

xx Kathryn


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