Thursday, April 7, 2016

Lately 4/7/16

Wearing: This is your last chance to check out the amazing Friends and Family sale! You can read all about it, here! I got my order in yesterday (Amazon Prime is the best!) and already wore some of the things I got! In fact, everything I am wearing (besides the denim) is well under $100! The sunglasses are a great dupe for Illesteva Leonard sunglasses and come out to be around $44!

Reading: The story of Oculus Rift. Definitely a great read if you are interested in technology!

Watching: I had never seen The OC before until now. I bought all of the seasons on Amazon and am truly addicted. Currently, I am on Season 2, episode 7! I finished the 1st season in a week. There are a few things that I love about this show. #1, Seth Cohen is adorable. Really, I love watching because this was circa 2004, 2005ish and that was when I was a freshman in high school. It totally transports me back to that time period-- the clothing (tiered ruffle skirts, camis and flared jeans, etc.) and the music.

I actually had no idea how much The OC influenced my musical taste (back then) and I hadn't even watched the show! I loved Hallelujah by Jeff Buckley, Hide and Seek by Imogen Heap, Mr. Brightside by The Killers, Honey and the Moon by Joseph Arthur, Orange Sky by Alexi Murdoch,  Worn Me Down by Rachel Yagmata, etc. I'm sure if I dug up any of my burned CDs from that time period, these songs would be included (also, woah, I am totally dating myself here). I specifically remember first hearing 'California' by Phantom Planet when I was at a party at someone's house in high school-- we were all in his hot tub and I remember everyone was freaking out about this song when it came on! Ohhh the memories!

It's super interesting to me that this was a time period before iPhones and most forms of social media, so having bands on the show was a way to mass market the bands to consumers. I even googled around to read case studies on this type of marketing. Now in the days of Spotify and all of the music sites and apps, there's not much of a need for the OC's type of musical marketing, but back then, I think it was brilliant!

Loving: I was sent these Buxom glosses and I absolutely love them. I was a bit apprehensive when I first saw them because, in the tube, they look like such pigmented colors. However, once I tried them, I was hooked. The colors aren't as 'over the top' as the tubes suggest and they are just the perfect amount of color! They go on super glossy but then settle as a pretty lipstick. They're actually called lip creams rather than a gloss and I think that's an appropriate term because they go on so smoothly and aren't sticky at all! I definitely recommend them. My two favorite colors are Berry Bramble and Sangria. Berry Bramble is more of an everyday deep pink, and Sangria is a red, but you could wear it daily!

Listening: April's playlist is off to a slow start, so I'd love any recommendations you may have! Here it is for those who would like to listen! 

Pittsburgh-ing: Last night I went to the first (for me) Pirates game of the season! It was a little chilly, but lots of fun! The ballpark is so gorgeous-- even if you are not a baseball lover, it's so much fun just to sit in the stands and take in the view! Fun fact: It was voted best ballpark in America last year!

Wanting: Not too much has caught my eye this week, but these are some of the things I've loved! I am especially loving Kate Spade's sleepwear collection. I mean who doesn't want to wear Kate Spade to bed?! This ruffled pj set is my favorite, followed by this bow chemise!
Quoting: You can find more of my favorites, here!


Brenna Duke said...

Absolutely amazing quote about how critical we have become! We are only hurting ourselves! Thanks for sharing!

Stephanie Nguyen said...

Love those shoes with the tie! So cute and perfect for spring and summer :) I've thought about watching the OC because I love one tree hill maybe I'll start it when school ends.



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