Saturday, April 23, 2016

Saturday Shopping

You guys. I really think the J.Crew I used to know and love is BACK! I got their catalog this week and usually, I disregard it because they never have much that catches my eye. I still pop into the store every once in a while because they have some good basics, but I decided to sit on the patio and look through the catalog and boy am I glad I did! 

From stripes to madras plaid (can you believe it?! It's been years since I've been table to find a retailer with madras!), they have all of the great preppy staples that they used to carry back in 2008ish! I just placed a big order and am hopeful that the quality and fit will be great. Can't wait to style some great traditionally preppy outfits. I hope there is more great stuff to come this summer! Scroll through the above widget to check out my favorite picks. 

Other than J.Crew, here are some other items I have been loving lately. These navy bow flats are incredible, I ordered a pair for myself! They only come in half sizes, though, so fingers crossed that they fit! Have a great weekend everyone! 

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