Tuesday, May 17, 2016

My Favorite Key Pouches

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Last week, I moved and that has really been using all my energy lately. I've been more focused on furniture, appliances, etc. than shopping for clothes/handbags/etc. I can't wait until everything is 'perfect' (or rather, almost) so I can go back to living life per usual!

It's been taking a while, though, because I really want to make sure I have the 'right' pieces for the space.  I also want to make sure they are quality pieces, too. I am really trying to make calculated decisions, rather than just buying something because I 'need' it and want the space to feel completed. Needless to say, this is time-consuming. I spend all my extra time constantly searching!

One thing I have been browsing that is not housewares related are key pouches/valet key rings. One of my favorite features of my building is that it is valet parking only. I just pull right into the garage underground and there is always a valet that parks my car for me. Then, when I want my car, I call down for it and by the time I am in the garage, it is right there waiting for me. It was probably one of the best features that sold me on my building (especially because it is so much safer than parking off-site in a random garage blocks away from the building, which is how most other buildings downtown function), but besides safety, I really didn't realize just how convenient it was until I started experiencing it!

I have an extra car key, so I usually keep that with me and the valet keeps my other key, but when I don't have my extra key with me, I have to hand it off to the valet. I've been looking at all sorts of key rings that have the ability to remove the key quickly. These are all of the ones I've been loving the most!

Currently, I am using my LV Cles pouch, which is truly one of the best purchases I've ever made. I've been using it daily for a solid 2 years. Most of the time, I leave the house sans handbag and just have my LV Cles pouch.

Becuase it is getting so much use, especially now, I'd like to have a second option on hand to rotate out so it doesn't wear out as quickly! These are all of the options I have found and love. I especially love the little guardsman key ring. It's so fun and different. It's actually meant to be a bag charm, but I think the clasp where it attaches to a bag would be perfect for easily unhooking my car key-- it almost operates just like a valet key ring... if only it weren't so expensive.


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Jasmine Riel said...

So in love with all these cute little key pouches! I love treating myself to something small once in a while whether it be a key pouch or a cosmetic bag!


Lauren said...

These are all so cute!



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