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Daily Makeup Brushes

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Brushes from Left to Right:
One// Two// Three// Four// Five (this one is hard to see, sorry!)// Six 

Day-in-and-out, I don't wear much makeup. It takes so much time and effort and my skin doesn't fare well with a lot of makeup on every single day. My complexion definitely benefits when I let it 'breathe', so I try to let that happen as often as possible. However, I almost always wear makeup out at night/weekends, etc./when I want to look my best. 

I'm no makeup guru, but I've tried a lot of products and these are some of the brushes that I swear by and use daily. I thought I would share because, while I think you can use your fingers to apply most/if not all of your makeup, I really do think makeup brushes make a huge difference! 

This is post came to fruition because I had been washing my brushes, so this is a friendly reminder for you to wash your brushes! I just wash mine with regular Dawn dish soap and warm water. I try to wash them around 2-3 times a month, but sometimes that doesn't happen. Although, it's really smart to wash your brushes as much as possible! So here are my favorite daily brushes:

The orange brushes you see in my collection are from Real Techniques. These came in a set and they have to be my absolute favorite. Not to mention, they are much less pricey than department store/Sephora brushes. This one is the contour brush. I use it to set my under eye concealer with translucent powder and also use it as a highlighter with this powder (and sometimes this powder). 

In the summertime, I have to apply bronzer (seriously this palette is my holy-grail) all over my face because my face makeup is always a shade too light because of my tan. So I do that with brush Three, but for 3 out of 4 of the seasons, I just apply bronzer with this contour brush. It's really easy and you don't have to get a lot of product on the brush for it to show up. I love that it's light and fluffy and really high quality. The rose gold/pretty packaging doesn't hurt, either! 

This brush definitely gets the most action. It's #130 in the line and called a 'buffering brush'. To me, it's basically a kabuki brush with a long handle. I love that it's large, light and fluffy. I use this to set my foundation with powder, apply bronzer all over my face (if needed) and blend/set my makeup once it's all done with translucent powder. If I was going to pick the one brush out of all of these that is my must-have, this would be it.

This is another brush within the set (seriously, do yourself a favor and get this set!). Like brush three, it's called a 'buffing brush', but it's much smaller in surface size than the third brush. I use this only for blush. I really like that it's not too stiff so the brush application is very natural/easy-to-apply.

This is the brush that's hard to see in the photos because it is so tiny. It's called the 'detailer brush'. I use this for one of my holy-grail products, gilded honey, which is a golden highlighter/illuminator. I put a touch in the corner of my eyes, down the front of my nose, right under my eyebrows and right above my cupid's bow.

Last, but not least, is this large shadow brush. I rarely ever wear eyeshadow, but if I am going all out, I will dust highlighter/illuminator over my entire eyelid to give my eyes a pop/awake look. This does the job and gets it done quickly since it is much larger than brush five.

Seven (not pictured)
I get these inexpensive packs of 100 disposable mascara wands. Since I have eyelash extensions, I use this to brush through my eyelashes. You have to use a clean brush each time to extend the wearability of your extensions. Then after I comb through my lashes, I use it to comb/style my brows. I toss them after each use but keep a few in my makeup bag at all times just in case! **I know I did a post on eyelash extensions when I first got them, but if you guys have questions, leave them in the comments below and I can compile them and do a follow-up post! I know I get a lot of questions about them on Snapchat (SummerWind41490).

Do you have any makeup brush recommendations that I should try? I typically go by the 'if it isn't broken, don't fix it' saying when it comes to makeup, but I'm always into trying to new products! I know a lot of YouTube beauty vloggers use the Sigma line of brushes and I have been eyeing this set that's under $100, which is a really good deal. Has anyone tried it?


Ashley said...

I love the Real Techniques brushes too, they really are awesome face brushes!

Ashley // MyWellDressedLife.com

Abigail Clibborn said...

Very interesting blog! I really love too the Real Techniques. And I with Ashley they are very awesome! You're blog is very interesting and it has informative ! Thanks for sharing this post!

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