Thursday, August 25, 2016

Lately 8/25/2016

First of all, I'd like to point out that this is the last Lately post of August. Is anyone else as shocked as I am? I feel like August lasted for all of a day. I blinked and now it's practically September. I love the fall and am so ready to welcome it with open arms, but I always get a twinge of sadness as the seasons change; especially with summertime coming to a close and everyone going back to school. It will be different for me this year since my sister, Callie, won't be heading back to college (she graduated in May!). It's crazy to think she's out of college, and it has only just hit me now that she is here. Oh what fun we are going to have this fall :)

Wearing: I wrote in last week's post that I was doing the 'party peddler' with some friends. It was so much fun, I'd definitely recommend it for those who have them available in their city. I wanted to look put together because I knew we'd end up going somewhere afterward, so I wore a tennis skirt! It was the perfect thing for this type of outing (especially with the shorts underneath) and was so glad I had it on hand! There was a Steeler game going on that night at Heinz Field, so of course, I had to wear my black and gold Jack Rogers, too!

Watching: Who else is SO excited for football season? Someone shared this video on Facebook which is a great highlight reel from Superbowl 43, and it got me so excited for the first regular season game. This was probably one of my favorite moments in sports during my lifetime. I mean seriously, that game-winning catch by Santonio Holmes is epic. How can that not give you chills?! I vividly remember how amazing this was and how much we were all screaming and cheering.

Reading: Love this article from the Economist about stress. I have no chill sometimes and could really relate to a lot of the points in this article. Plus, it gives you an entirely new (and positive) way to look at stress.

Pittsburgh-ing: Last week, Bazaar named Pittsburgh, America's Most Underrated City. How cool is that? The article is awesome and features some of Pittsburgh's best food/sights/etc. I'm obviously very biased about Pittsburgh, so I love when other people/outlets pick up on how amazing Pittsburgh really is!
Wanting: I kind of hate that I want these so badly because they're so trendy right now, but at the same time, a loafer is always a classic. I just love them. They're so simple and luxe. They come in three different colors, but I'm partial to the black or the brown. Which would you choose? I'm also dying for these... I need some more closet space!! 

Listening: August's playlist was really good. You can find it by clicking here if you have Spotify or you can listen to it embedded in this post if you do not. I know it's a few days early, but I thought I'd get a head start on September's playlist. I'll link it here, if you'd like to listen, and then embed it for those non-Spotify-ers next week when there is more to choose from!

Quoting: 'Life becomes more meaningful when you realize the simple fact that you'll never get the same moment twice.' See more of my favorites, here.


Heather A. said...

Who knew a tennis skirt could look so chic! Love it!

xo Heather
Sweet Tea Jubilee

Lauren said...

That quote is so true and I love what you did with the tennis skirt!


Allie said...

Go for the full coverage loafer - you'll get more use out of them. I just bought the Jordaan loafer and I am obsessed. The no back loafers are hard to do a lot of walking in and you won't be able to wear the with tights in cooler weather.


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