Tuesday, August 16, 2016

My Favorite Loungewear Combo: Cashmere and Chemises

My Favorite Loungewear Combo: Cashmere and Chemises
So this past weekend, the weather was dreary and insanely humid. For the first time in a really long time, I wasn't traveling and hadn't booked up my weekend with back-to-back plans. It was actually very refreshing and gave me a lot of downtime. I read, watched a few movies, got some chores done, worked a little bit, and spent some time with friends.

While I found myself inside the majority of the time (because of the weather, ick), I didn't get dressed until I absolutely had to. I noticed that what I was reaching for was always a combo of a little nightgown/slip dress with one of my favorite cashmere sweaters.

 I not only love this combo to lounge in, but this is usually what I will put on after a shower and then wear while I get ready for the night. I'll do my hair/makeup, have a cocktail, etc. and then finally get dressed at the last minute. It's really cozy and relaxing, but also makes me feel very put together. Long gone are the days where I reach for boxer shorts and a sorority tee (although I have my days haha).

There are a ton of really great options online and I've pulled all of my favorites into this post. I'm picky about nightgowns/chemises/slip dresses (whatever you want to call them!). Sometimes they have too many straps, too much lace, too skimpy, etc. And sometimes the material is not great for easy washing. But I have rounded up some of my favorites and most comfortable/easy to wear (this one is my absolute favorite and atop my wishlist!).

I've also rounded up some of my favorite cashmere pieces. I've written about my love for cashmere pieces many times before, but in the most detail, here. I have a cashmere robe, which I love. I got it on major sale, but it is no longer available. But, during the summer months, it is far too hot for my heavy cashmere robe. I usually just grab  longer cashmere cardigan, this one being my go-to. I have it in every color they have made! Not only do I wear it during the day, but I wear it almost as a robe in my home! It's a little pricey, so I've also included some other similar, less pricey options as well. What are your go-to lounge pieces? 


Chelsey said...

I would love a quick tutorial on how you do your top knots! They always look so great on the blog and your snaps!

Dana said...

Love love love this idea - it actually looks so cozy and the perfect way to begin a night before heading out!

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