Friday, August 19, 2016

Off-the-shoulder Dress Under $100


Dress// Bracelets// Pinky Ring (similar)

Happy Friday, everyone! Today I'm sharing an outfit that I wore a few weeks ago at the lake in Georgia. To say it was muggy hot during part of our stay is an understatement, so this lightweight dress was great to have on hand! 

I'm really not a fan of the off-the-shoulder trend. I've tried it a few times, but I feel that it doesn't flatter my broad shoulders and it's hard for me to see the value in buying something that is very trendy. However, I tried this dress on on a whim and really loved it. It has the shift-style shape that I typically love in other dresses. It also is a great shade of ivory that's almost in the blush family. It's a very different shade of white than anything else I own which is what originally drew me to it! 

I also love that the elastic is only around the shoulders which makes it look less 'cheapy' than other options available online. And the best part? It's well under $100! I felt OK with adding it to my closet fully knowing that it may not be in style in a few years. The ruffled sleeves add a little fun detail, too, don't you think? 

As a side note, I'm not a vodka drinker, I typically stick to gin. BUT, I do love a good Moscow mule every once in a while. If you are not familiar with Moscow mules, it is made with lime juice, vodka, and ginger beer. It's very light and refreshing, and especially great during the summer months. And who doesn't love a gorgeous copper mug (cute one here, too!)? My best tip is to get Fever Tree ginger beer. I really think that this brand is the best and is a total game-changer when it comes to making Moscow mules. Another great mixer by Fever Tree is their tonic water-- so good you could almost drink it by itself!


Kerri GirlWithALatte said...

I was recently gifted a set of copper mule mugs as I'm building a copper collection in my kitchen, and I love them! I don't drink alcohol, but I made my own non-alcoholic Moscow Mules, and they're delicious!

Kelsey Quackenbush said...

I love off the shoulder dresses and I love the color of this one! so pretty!
xoxo Kelsey


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