Thursday, September 1, 2016

Lately 9/1/2016

Well, well, well, September we meet again. I'm totally embracing this month with open arms. The last 4 months of the year are my absolute favorite. And, although we still have a few weeks of really warm weather left here in Pittsburgh, it will start getting cool before we know it. YAY!

Wearing: Cannot wait to wear my Tuckernuck Barbour x Wedgewood jacket (full blog post coming tomorrow!).

Eating: I swear my friend Danielle is the best at shopping at Trader Joe's. She always picks up the best things and when I go over to her place, I always find something new I love! This time, it was reduced guilt spinach kale greek yogurt dip. It is SO good. It's low carb and decently healthy, too. It's great to munch on when that 3pm hunger strikes, but also great to have on hand to serve to guests with a side of crackers or baguette!

Pittsburgh-ing: These restaurants are nothing new, but this past weekend, I went to Eleven (in the Strip District) and Noodlehead (in Shadyside). I hadn't been to either in a while but was reminded how amazing they both are. At Noodlehead, I always get the pad see ew which is incredible (and it's BYOB). At Eleven, my favorite is the tuna tartar! This weekend, I'm headed to Soba (in Shadyside), another favorite of mine (their martinis are the BEST) and next week, I'm finally trying a new restaurant, Umami (in Lawrenceville). If you're looking for more Pittsburgh recommendations, be sure to check out my Pittsburgh Restaurant Guide. I just updated it this week!

Watching: The hype about Stranger Things on Netflix is no joke. I watched all 8 episodes in 24 hours. It's definitely weird and not something I would usually go for, but after one episode, I was hooked. I definitely recommend it. Netflix also announced that they will bring it back for a second season in 2017 (I cannot wait!). Oh, and if you want to be super nerdy like me, you can 'strangify' anything you want... just click here.

Reading: This article about the Pumpkin Spice Latte... it's almost that time. While I really love a PSL, it's more of a 'treat' or dessert to me, than my go-to caffeine fix. You can check out the way I order it, here, which cuts down on calories and strengthens the coffee flavor!

Quoting: 'The real gift of gratitude is that the more grateful you are, the more present you become.'-Robert Holden// See more of my favorites here.

Chanel Ballet Flat look alikes steal vs splurge
Loving: I haven't done a Splurge vs. Steal feature in a few weeks, so I thought that today I'd share a great dupe for the classic cap-toe Chanel ballet flats. I have a few pairs and love love love them. They're most definitely a major splurge, so I found a pair that looks extremely similar for about 1/6 of the price! Winning, right?

Loving II: You know you're in the 'future' when fashion meets technology. I know this has been such a big push for the fashion and textile industry as a whole, so it's really cool to see a gorgeous monogrammed gold bracelet that's also a ..... phone charger! I mean seriously, how cool is that? Definitely added to my wish list. I'm holding off on buying anything phone related right now, though, because I desperately need a new iPhone but am waiting for the 7 (so soon!!).

Wanting: I just placed a big order for some fall items. A lot of things are a little out of my comfort zone, but I'm excited to try some new things! I finally caved and ordered the Gucci mules I was dying for and the Les Bonbons earrings. They were both major splurges, but I know they'll get so much wear this fall!


Ashley said...

Love tha jacket and those red shoes! Such a fun outfit! It is so fun to see what you are loving!

Ashley //

Kayla Pelletier said...

Zara has a very similar pair of those earrings if you're willing to go for a similar look and they're pearl which is very pretty

Summer Wind said...

Thanks so much for passing along that pearl option, Kayla! I love them :)

Lauren said...

I seriously need to check strange things - everyone I know is talking about it!


Anonymous said...

I would love a review on the Les Bon Bon earrings. I was all ready to buy them when I noticed that they were not for pierced. I'm not sure I would like them. I would really appreciate your thoughts. They are GORGEOUS!!


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