Tuesday, October 4, 2016

All Black Outfit ft. the Most Comfortable Pants Ever

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Cap Toe Slingback Shoes: Here// Here// Here// Here
Sunglasses// Chanel Bag (similar, similar

This is the simplest of outfits, but I wanted to share it here because I'm often asked about what to wear out to bars. As I get older, I go to 'actual bars' (you know the crowded kind with loud music and no food?) less and less, which I am totally fine with. I'm so glad to finally be at an age where most of my friends enjoy grabbing drinks and a nice dinner at the latest new restaurant rather than staying out until 2am, taking shots, and partying. Every once in a while, I'm totally down to do so, but dinner and cocktails with a good group of friends or wine/cheese game-night (heads up and cards against humanity are my faves!!) are much more my pace and what I truly enjoy. 

Just this past weekend, I had one of those '2am bar weekends', and whenever they come up, I always wear a version of the outfit you see above. If you've been on Summer Wind for even 2 seconds, then you know that I (for the most part) dress pretty conservatively. I've always felt a little out of place in a bar setting because typically, girls are not as conservatively dressed as I am. The best lesson that I've learned throughout the years about this is that #1 it's ok to be different and #2 caring about what others think is a waste of time (because it's most important that you do whatever makes you most comfortable). 

So basically, for me, I am almost always in all black during the months of October-March. It's simple, easy, chic, and can look dressier than it actually is (which I like, just in case the plans change midway through the evening!). April-September, I like to switch to white and/or navy blue! 

What I really wanted to highlight in this outfit are the pants. They're a little out of my comfort zone with so much distressing going on but I absolutely love them. I've been wearing them non-stop since I got them not only because they give my outfit a little edge that it sometimes need, but also because they are truly the most comfortable pants I have ever worn in my entire life. They feel like a cross between leggings and pajamas because they are tight and stretchy like leggings but insanely soft like pajamas (but still have a denim texture/look!). Not to mention, they're very affordable (under $60) and hold up really nicely after washing! They run true to size. I'm wearing my usual size 27. 

I love this (new-to-me) brand so much that I've just placed an order for a few more pairs of pants to see how they compare! I'll be back with a full report-- fingers crossed I love them just as much because the price tag is just perfect! 


Dana said...

Loving this chic all black look! I totally agree with you on dressing differently than girls at most bars. Sometimes I feel so out of place!

Pink Champagne Problems

Holly Hoehner said...

I'm 22 and have never felt comfortably dressed in a bar setting. But, I saw your Instagram of this look a few weeks ago, so I did my own version for a friend's birthday. It was perfect! Do you have a post dedicated to your Chanel bag?


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