Thursday, October 27, 2016

Lately 10/27/2016

This past weekend and then into this week has been jam packed. This weekend, I'm having some girlfriends over for dinner, going out with some friends for Halloween, and celebrating my cousin's 21st birthday. So it will be another fun weekend for the books. I'm going to try and slow it down next week before I hop on a flight next weekend to somewhere fun!

Decorating: I've been waiting and waiting on some final touches to rooms so I can share on my blog, but my bedroom is coming soon. To be honest, it's nothing special, just neutrals-- simple and clean. But I snapped the above pic of Mac, who came over on Sunday, and it was just too cute not to share!

Wearing: Along with trying to include some more casual outfit posts, I've also really been trying to make an effort to include more affordable options in my posts. Or, if I am wearing something that is pricey, I've been working to look for a less pricey alternative! I know we are all working with different budgets and this is something that I am consistently asked to do from readers. Let me know if you like this or want to see something different, I love when you guys provide feedback, so feel free to let me know if there are other things you'd like to see!

Loving:  I stopped into Sephora the other day. While I wasn't planning on buying anything, I tried on different products just for fun. Well... my friend Aly found me a perfect lip color. It's like a gloss, but more matte than a typical gloss. It's very pigmented, too (but the texture is creamy, not dry and not greasy). I left without it, but then ended up ordering it online because I loved it too much to pass up. It's a little pricey for a lip color, but the #200 is just so my color! 

Pittsburgh-ing: A few weeks ago, we had a little surprise party for my friend at a place in Oakland called 'K Box'. It is such a fun concept. You basically rent out a private room that looks like a living room, but a little funkier, and you can throw your own karaoke party! They have a waiter to bring drinks/etc. and we brought our own cake! It was such a fun thing to do and definitely different from anything else we've done!

Wanting: I can't believe it, but Christmas stuff is already starting to arrive in stores. We were driving down Grant Street (which is a main street in downtown Pittsburgh) and they already have Christmas wreaths with big red bows on all of the lampposts lining the streets! I am a huge Christmas person, so I kind of love it, but there's also a part of me that thinks it is way too soon! What do you think?

Drinking: Did you catch yesterday's post featuring a great fall cocktail recipe?
Sale-ing: It seems as though Kate Spade is always having a surprise sale, so I usually disregard it. One reason being that it's too tempting and I don't need anything. But with the holidays coming up, I thought I would check it out because they usually have really great gift items for even better prices. Much to my excitement, they brought back a ton of the woodland plaid items that came out last year and the prices are so inexpensive-- many of the items are well under $100! My favorites are linked in the widget above-- I think the best deal is this bow cross body bag  (too cute and under $80) and this gorgeous pink bow coat (it's originally priced at $698 and is now $279!). Just be aware that everything is final sale and the sale ends tonight at 11:59pm.

Watching: I AM SO EXCITED, I CAN HARDLY WAIT! Not, but seriously, the Gilmore Girls trailer came out the other day and I cannot wait! I considered the Full House revival to be a flop. I was so excited but when it came out, I couldn't make it past episode 2, so I am hoping that this is much better!
Smelling: One of my all-time favorite holiday candles is Nest's 'holiday' scented candle. It's just wonderful. I get one every year and I only allow myself to burn it starting the week before Thanksgiving through Christmas. This year, they came out with a trio of candles and I think I am going to get that set instead. I actually might buy an extra set and separate each candle to include in other gifts for friends/family, too. But anyway, I like to splurge on a candle every once in a while, but I typically get most of my candles from Homegoods (I burn candles every single day). I found one that smells crazily similar to Nest's holiday candle: Celerie's Forest Pine. If you pop into Homegoods, make sure to look for it! 

Listening: Another busy week for me, so not too many new songs added to October's playlist, but if you have any suggestions, let me know! I did find one song, Roll Like Thunder by Jake Wells, that I have had on repeat. It's very calming/chill and sounds really great on good speakers.

Quoting: 'You never look good trying to make someone else look bad.'// See more of my favorites, here. 


Anonymous said...

I would love to see some more work outfits of what you actually wear to work on a day to day basis. Thanks!!

Annsterw said...

Nest Holiday is my favorite too!!! I am going to search out that other brand at Homegoods! HA!
Also, I cannot wait to try that K Box with my friends soon! Sounds like hilarious fun!
I love this city!
Annster's Domain

Sarah Wissinger said...

I pass K-Box every day on my way into work and didn't know what it was! That sounds so fun!



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