Friday, March 31, 2017

Dress for Easter (with bows!)

Sipnela A-Line Dress TED BAKER LONDON

dress with bows for easter

Sipnela A-Line Dress TED BAKER LONDON

ferragamo aileen bag

easter dress idea

ted baker sipnela dress
This time of year in Pittsburgh is just weird... in terms of the weather, I mean. It's freezing one day, hot the next, pouring, then gorgeously sunny. I was born April 14th and my mom always says it was snowing when they brought me home from the hospital. 

So... choosing what to wear for Easter has always been a bit of a wardrobe struggle for me. However, I've kind of learned to just wear what I want and weather be... well, you know. 

I saw this pastel blue dress in person and it immediately caught my eye. Admittedly, looking at it online, it's not something I would have ever gravitated towards, but in person, it is absolutely lovely. So perfect for Easter with the pastel colors, conservative, classic cut and gorgeous grosgrain bows at the side. The cut is something a little different. It's part shift dress part fit and flare... it makes for one very comfortable dress, though. It's also structured and has a very ladylike feel to it.... exactly how you want to look and feel on Easter!

Easter weekend also happens to be my birthday (Good Friday), so I'm trying to decide which dress I should wear and when during that weekend. I love a weekend where I get to get dressed up! Do you have your Easter dress all picked out yet? You still have just about 2 weeks!

For Easter, we go to church in the morning and then my mom gives us our Easter baskets. I really love that my mom still gives us baskets. It's always something little, but we have gotten the same basket every year since I can remember- tradition, I love it. Then, my extended family and family friends come to my parent's house for Easter dinner (always ham) and we celebrate together. What do you and your family do to celebrate? 
Other Dresses I Love for Easter:


Around Colours said...

That's the most beautiful dress I've seen lately. I love the pattern, I love the bows, it's gorgeous!

Marta -

Andrea K-O said...

Love that dress! It reminds me so much of the Draper James Dunaway Vines Bow Dress -- both are adorable.

Sarah/Dc to a T said...

That dress looks great on you! I feel like Easter is so late this year, but hopefully the weather will be warmer by then and I can walk around without tights, haha.


Katie M said...

This dress is so pretty on you, Sydney! I always wear Lilly on Easter and my family always goes to brunch after Mass at my grandparents's country club, which is one of my favorite meals of the year!


Tracy said...

I'm :cough thirty cough: and my mother still makes my older brother and I Easter baskets! It's so special and one of my favorite traditions. A couple years ago, I took over making her a basket and it's wonderful to see her face light up as she goes through he own basket.


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