Thursday, March 23, 2017

Lately 2/23/2017

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Thursday, already?! This week FLEW by. I feel like I have a lot going on this weekend, yet I have no set plans. Some friends in town, some friends having some get-togethers, but I've decided not to commit to anything so I can just go with the flow. Sometimes that is the best kind of weekend, right?!

This week, my goal was to do a little spring cleaning. I started with my coat closet and then my hanging clothes in my closet. Next up are my shoes/accessories/handbags and folded clothes. I hope to have everything in perfect order in the next few weeks... spring cleaning at its best! 

I also decided to go through all of my workout clothes/athleisure pieces and do a major purge and then stock up on some new things. I do tennis twice a week and workout about 3-5 days a week on top of that, so I really need some new things. If anyone is a fan of Nike Tempo shorts (can't shake my college uniform, ha!), I found a great price on those on A website I don't think I've ever used before, but some of the pairs were just $17.99! They also had a great selection of tennis skirts at really inexpensive prices (we're talking like TJ Maxx/Marshall prices!!). 

Eating: On Monday, two of my best girlfriends got together for dinner and drinks at a new restaurant, Union Standard in the Union Trust building downtown. It's a restaurant by Derek Stevens and to me, the menu seems American, but creative and somewhat 'farm to table' style in ingredients. There are also a bunch of oysters and appetizers available besides the entrees. 

I had SUPER high hopes for this restaurant. It's really close to me and very walkable, plus the atmosphere is pretty cool. However, it was good, but I think for what you get, it is overpriced. I also think that the service wasn't 'high-end' enough/attentive for the prices. Everything we ordered was good, but I felt like a lot of other restaurants do the same type of thing only better and less pricey. It's nice to have some variety, but I don't think I'll go back anytime too soon. I will, however, note that it would be a great spot for happy hour for cocktails and oysters. I LOVE that they had Wolffer Estate Rose on their wine list (which is one of my favorites and near impossible to find in Pittsburgh) and they also had a really unique and diversified cocktail list. Oysters and cocktails, what more could you want?! 

Reading: Have you all heard of This Lullaby by Sarah Dessen? Apparently, it's a YA book and it's been around for a while, but I've recently heard multiple people rave about it. I just ordered it, so we'll see! I'm assuming it will be a super quick and easy read which is really all I was looking for right now! 

Smelling: Have you heard of this perfume that apparently smells very similar to Le Labo's Santal 33? I'm really intrigued. I got this perfume for Christmas (I'm obsessed), so whenever I run out, I'm going to get Santal 33, but would really love to smell the less pricey version before I buy! 

Watching: You all must watch Big Little Lies on HBO. It stars Reese Witherspoon, Nicole Kidman, and Shailene Woodley and it is so addicting. It is based off a novel, but I haven't read it... but now want to! It's a mystery-type story line but with a lot of character's story lines that will (or at least I assume) add up in the end! Definitely worth a watch but it's one of those shows you really have to focus and pay attention to! 

Listening: Continuing with the topic of Big Little Lies, the soundtrack is SO good. Seriously, whoever put it together deserves a promotion because they killed it. I absolutely love River by Leon Bridges. It is by far one of my favorite songs of all time so I really love that that is included! And Casmir Pulaski Day by Sufjan Stevens is on it, too... does that remind anyone of The OC?! 

Pittsburgh-ing: On Tuesday morning I headed over to the North Shore T station to check out a really cool installation that Sunkist created just for Pittsburgh! If you are in the city, it’s definitely worth checking out. As you are entering or exiting the T (Pittsburgh’s metro/subway, if you are not familiar), you are greeted with a panoramic, larger-than-life video of a citrus grove in California. It really appeals to all the senses as you can actually hear the birds chirping and smell the oranges. I love the tagline, too: The T doesn’t go to California, so we’re bringing it to you. Such a cool thing to have in Pittsburgh! It’s going on now through Saturday from 6am-8pm. Thanks to Sunkist for sponsoring this!

Wanting: I wore my first one piece while in the Bahamas. I've always been weird about one-pieces since one of my favorite parts of my body is my stomach and I've always thought 'why hide that'? But since there is a resurgence in the trend, there are SO many options and I've started to really like them! I stumbled across this one. It's rather plain, but there is something so chic about its simplicity. I think it would look so cute when worth with these shorts for a nautical/patriotic look. Both pieces are under $100, too!
Wanting II: This sweater is SO cute. It's too pricey for what it is, in my opinion, but I'm still absolutely loving it. It'd look so chic and put-together with just slim black pants and a black pump. On a much more affordable note, this little camisole is under $40 and comes in a bunch of colors. It's cute and is a great basic to have on hand. I like to wear these kinds of tops on their own with white jeans in the summer, but right now they work beautifully under waterfall/shawl-style sweaters! See more of my favorites in the widget above.

Loving: So 'loving' is a bit of a strong word for this, I guess. Juicy Couture is back... yes, you heard that right. I still have old Juicy zip ups from my freshman year of high school. Part of me loves it because #nostalgia, and then another part of me is like 'no'. What are your thoughts of the comeback?!

Loving II: If this isn't the cutest take on a classic white, long-sleeve tee, I don't know what is. Totally need this.

Recommending: I just love getting these FabFitFun boxes (use code SYDC for $10 off your first box). They have so many products and brands that I would have never known about. I always find at least one new product that I absolutely love. This time around, I am obsessed with the Milly bathing suit pouch that says 'Beach Please' on it! I lost my bathing suit bag and have been looking for a new one, so this was such great timing! I'm also obsessed with the Deborah Lippmann shade that they sent called Shape of My Heart- it seems similar to Essie's Fiji but is a little pinker, which I prefer!

Look for Less: I've shared a few looks for less in regards to the Gucci Princetown loafers. I have the Gucci ones (they come in brown, too, and now I want those....), but this suede version is almost an exact dupe for under $60. I wear mine all the time- they're beyond comfortable and so easy to just slip on and go!

Trying: I really want to try this Dior lip balm 'stuff'. One of my friends was telling me about this earlier this week and apparently, it's amazing. During the week, I like to wear a very natural lip color and really prefer lip balm to anything else. So I'm really down to try this!

Quoting: 'Always be the better person.' 


Christy said...

Oh gosh, This Lullaby must be 20 years old? I remember starting to read it in early high school and losing interest- keep us updated if you like it- may be worth giving it a revisit (if I can dig it out of my parents' library!)

Christy said...

OH and if you like Big Little Lies (IN LOVE over here, too)- absolutely read the book! Lianne Moriarty (the author) is amazing- I refer to her, and Emily Giffin, as Smart Chick Lit, and devour everything they both write. Ok back to work now for real!

Casey said...

would love to see a post about your closet purging and organization!

Meg said...

I have that Dior lip balm and LOVE it. It reacts to your "chemistry" and turns the exact perfect shade of pink for you. It also feels great on your lips. Definitely recommended!

Jackie said...

I have the Dior lip balm and its amazing! The color is so pretty I always carry mine with me.


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