Friday, April 28, 2017

Blue Lady-like Outfit for Spring Now on The Trove App!

Well, it's no surprise that today's post is in blue and white... as are probably 75% of my outfit posts on Summer Wind! So it's certainly no secret that blue has my heart, that's for sure. I love this outfit sooooooo much. You last saw me wearing this navy blue sweater tee here, in a much more casual way. Now you can see it dressed up. It truly is one of the most versatile pieces in my closet right now. 
I am excited to share that this look is being featured on the cover of Trove today! If you have not checked out their app, make sure you download it here and give me a follow me! The app is one of my most-used. If you aren't familiar, it was co-founded by fellow blogger, Mary Orton of Memorandum. The app works to aggregate all of your favorite fashion bloggers into one platform. So, it pulls blogger's outfits from their website and social posts so you can see everything all in one app. The outfits are all linked to the products right within the app, too. It's super easy to navigate and even will recommend other bloggers that may meet your own personal taste based on those you already follow! I'd love for you to check it out, I know Mary and her team have been working really hard on this and it's really amazing to see their hard work and success!

So back to the outfit! I wore this on my birthday during the day! It was an absolutely gorgeous 75-degree day with plenty of sunshine... which is kind of unheard of for April in Pittsburgh. When my parents brought me home from the hospital after I was born, it was snowing!! So I had every bit of a reason to get outside and enjoy it!

I know if you've followed along since last summer, you have seen these nude heeled sandals about a billion times... they're the best. So many of my girlfriends have bought them, too, after seeing just how versatile they are. I definitely think they're one of my most worn pair of shoes during the warmer months because they are comfortable/easy to walk in and a neutral color so they match with everything.

The pair I am wearing is under $100, but there is an even less pricey pair available for just $30! I can't attest to the quality of the $30 pair because I have yet to see them in person, but they look identical to the pair I have!
The skirt was a must for me. Worn for work play, special occasions, it kind of just works for absolutely everything! I love a good midi skirt. It is so lady-like and elegant... even when cut in a more casual fabric like seersucker! The blue and white striped midi skirt is definitely having a moment in the fashion world, too. So many of my favorite brands are carrying something similar. I've found a bunch and linked them above. They are all at different price points so hopefully, there is one that works for you!

Another item that is having a major moment in the fashion spotlight? Straw/wicker/rattan handbags. I've always been a fan of these. In my mind, a good basket bag is always a summer wardrobe straple, but right now, they are an abundance of choices! Another great thing about this style? They are usually pretty inexpesnive! See some of my favorites in the widget above! 

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