Thursday, May 18, 2017

Lately 5/18/17

Steamer Available Here and Here

Recommending: I cannot recommend this steamer more. I've been singing its praises to family and friends and didn't know I could love an appliance so much! It's better than my full-size steamer, is high-quality (not like those cheapy steamers at all!) and the water holder can really hold a ton! It's lightweight and compact enough that you can travel with it, but the head on it is still plenty large enough to steam things like linens/bedding. I use it to steam my bedding and it's seriously amazing! 

Traveling: To the Tuckernuck store in Georgetown in DC (today!)! Hope to meet some of you there! Details can be found in this post, here. 

Watching: This is such a creepy PSA-style ad, but it's a must watch.

Watching II: Guardians of the Galaxy. I scoffed when we watched this because I thought it looked really dumb, but I gave in. However, it ended up being a good movie! Definitely worth a watch! 

Watching III: This trailer for This Is Us season 2. So so cute. Cannot wait for the second season!

Listening: Harry Style's first solo album is out. You all know about my MAJOR crush on the singer- so I was super pumped about this! I think his song, Only Angel kind of sounds like the Rolling Stones or some other 70s classic rock band. I also get a bit of an Allman Brothers vibe from 'Two Ghosts' (which is rumored to be about Taylor Swift). From the Dining Table sounds like Sufjan Stevens a little bit...I actually thought it was Sufjan doing a duet with Harry at first. Anyway, it's definitely worth a listen! You can listen to my May Playlist, here. 

Hating: I'd like to think I use the word 'hate' sparingly, but have you guys seen these rompers for, this is not a joke. I feel like everyone in my Facebook feed has been posting about it and I think they are ridiculous! What are your thoughts? 

Reading: OMG do you guys remember Anne Geddes? My sister and I loved the photos and I remember one year for Christmas we asked for Anne Geddes babydolls. Totally forgot about this until I found this article!

Reading II: I've seen Harry Potter weddings all over the internet... and most of them seem a bit too 'nerdy' for my taste... and honestly, borderline tacky. This has to be the most tasteful Harry Potter themed wedding I've ever seen. Wish I would have been invited! 

Wanting: Not too much on my radar this week, but hoping to get some more time to browse after Memorial Day! Scroll through to see some of the few items I've loved!

Pittsburgh-ing: This NHL promo is so cute... I'm not a huge hockey fan, but it's really hard to ignore in Pittsburgh. I'm definitely a Penguins fan, and I'll go to games, but it's just not my thing. However, this is a really well-done video and worth the watch! 

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Dana said...

LOVE that you shared that NHL promo. You know I'm a huuuuuuge Penguins fan, so obviously this made me happy;) Have a great time at the event tonight!

Pink Champagne Problems

Bridget said...

The PSA-style ad about fake online profiles was so captivating but definitely a little creepy (mostly because it's based in/on reality)! I am also not a fan of the men's rompers...they kind of look like outfits for toddler boys to me. Have a great weekend and go Pens!

Anonymous said...

Can you do a full apartment tour? Love your decor style!

Lauren said...

Love the size of that steamer and I am loving Harry Styles new song!


Angie said...

Same exact reaction to Guardians of the Galaxy, I was doubtful but my boyfriend insisted I watched it so we could see the second one together. I'm totally in love with the soundtrack. And I positively squealed at the Anne Geddes article!


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