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Top 3 Favorite Pairs of White Jeans

the best white jeans
I had asked you guys on Snapchat and Instastories last week for any topic you'd like me to cover here on Summer Wind for the month of June. I got so many replies and so many great ideas, so thank you, everyone! If you didn't get a chance to let me know what you'd like to see, feel free to leave a comment anytime on any post or shoot me an e-mail.

There was an overwhelming response with requests for me to talk about how I purged my closet and what I use to keep my small closet in order. I have SO much info to share after just doing this a few weeks ago and really want to share all of it. It's a lot of content, though, so I'm trying to sort through my thoughts and come up with an outline so I can deliver it to all of you in the most organized way possible! So sit tight and it will be coming soon!

Today's post is a request from a reader- I loved this one because the struggle is all too real when it comes to finding the perfect pair of white jeans (or really jeans in general). So, with white jean season in full-swing (or about to be if you still follow 'the rule'), I'm sharing my top three favorite pairs of white jeans of all time.

If you haven't noticed, I wear white jeans constantly. At least twice a week. They're a closet staple and look so simple, clean, and chic. No matter what age, you can rock white jeans! 

I've broken it down by the style and then I'm sharing my thoughts as well as the fit. I chose a pair of denim that's pricey, a more 'average' price, and then a more budget-friendly pair, so hopefully, there is something for everyone! 
Jeans Mentioned In This Post:

paige verdugo skinny jeans
Verdugo Ankle Skinny Jeans 
(Splurge $$$)
Review: These are by far my favorite jeans of all time! They are truly opaque white. You can't see the pockets or the seams. They are 92% cotton so they have a really nice 'denim feel' and texture, but with a slight stretch for a perfect fit. The pockets are perfectly placed- they don't make your behind look any larger or smaller. The length for me is perfect. They hit right at my ankles but still have a tiny bit of extra length should I want to cuff them once or twice. They also work well with any type of shoe- from riding boots to Jack Rogers!

Fit: They fit true to size. I wear a size 27. Like I said, they have a slight stretch, but they don't stretch out too much after your first wear. You can get a few wears out of them until they need to be washed/thrown in the dryer!

lilly pulitzer worth skinny jeans
(Average $$)
Review: I hesitate to use the term 'jeans' as they aren't denim. They have a classic jean style, but the fabric is soft-- almost like a chino pant, making them beyond comfortable. They look crisp and fresh as they are bright white. They're opaque- but you definitely need to wear a 'seamless' underwear or thong because the fabric isn't textured like denim so it draws attention to  any 'line'.They have a slight stretch, a tapered leg and hit right at the ankle. Again, they are long enough for me to cuff if need be! These wash really nicely. They don't shrink and they hold their shape and keep their bright white throughout wears and washes!

Fit: I'd say these run true to size, but they do stretch a little after the first wear. I wear a size 2 or 4 in these. The 2's are snug at first, but after a wear, they fit perfectly. The 4's fit perfectly on the first wear right out of the dryer, but stretch to be too big after a few wears. It all depends on where you fall on the spectrum and what type of fit you are looking for! 

articles of society sarah jeans
Sarah Skinny Jeans 
(Save $)
Review: These are styled in a classic jean style with back pockets and front pockets, but the fabric is so soft and stretchy, they feel almost like yoga pants! These are bright white and you cannot see the seams or pockets (opaque). This is another pair, though, that you need to be careful of underwear lines- since it's so stretchy, a 'line' will show through. For the price, the quality is good- not the absolute best, but also not bad at all! They wash really nicely and don't stretch out a ton after a wear or two.

Fit: These run true to size and have a lot of stretch, so if anything, I suggest sizing down. This style comes in three different options and I love them all. It comes in a plain, solid white, here. It also comes in a distressed version, here (seen here), and finally, a black distressed version, here (seen here). 

Honorable Mention: Stay White Skinny Ankle Jean. Good fit, good quality, good price. Didn't make the top 3, but would have been my 4th pick! 

Office Appropriate White Pants: Callie Seamed Cropped Pants. I have these in black as well as navy (see post here) and they're seriously some of the best pants I know. The fit is ideal- they hit right at the ankle, slim through the entire pant, comfortable, a flat front... really I couldn't ask for more in a pant. The run true to size. Don't size up because these are meant to be tailored and fit close to your body. A really great work staple in any color. They're certainly a splurge, but totally worth it, in my opinion. Oh, also, they're machine washable! 

Other Thoughts: My personal opinion is that, if you can, splurge on one pair so have them and can wear the heck out of them. Then, have another pair or two on 'stand by' that are a less pricey option! 

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Anonymous said...

I would love to see a post on dating ettiequte. Who texts first, who pays, opinions of dating apps/online dating and where to meet people.

Lexy said...

Thanks for the effort you put into this post!! I have three or four pairs that are "ehh" and I lost a bit of weight since last summer so they all seem a little baggy and I'm in the market to replace them. I especially appreciate you mentioning the opaqueness of each --it's so hard to ascertain from an online shopping standpoint!

Lauren said...

I usually just do AGs or even jeans but I will have to check out your suggestions!



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