Thursday, June 29, 2017

Housekeeping + Nordstrom Anniversary Sale 2017 Questionnaire

Today's post is going to be a little different than ever before. It's a bit 'housekeeping' and a bit of a ramble on my part, so I hope you can stay with me.

I am going to visit my sister in Charlotte soon and then we are going to spend time down at our lake house with my family and friends. I'm really looking forward to relaxing and being with the people I love. 

With that said, I won't be absent from Summer Wind, you'll find new posts each day that I am away just like you always have, however, they are going to be prepared much farther in advance than they usually are. 

I'm taking a mini detox, if you will. I plan on spending this time removed from my phone, spending it outside, catching up with family and friends, and really just enjoying life in-the-moment. I'll be sure to post about my trip after the fact, but just know it is not going to be as 'instant' as usual! 

So if you e-mail me during that time, I will get back to you when I return (you'll get a kickback so you know I am away from my computer). I hope you can all understand and have patience with me during that time! 

I have to admit, it is going to be tough for me to not do any work... will I be able to do it? I am really not sure, so we'll see! I am majorly Type A and truly enjoy to always be working towards a goal, doing something, getting things done, crossing things off lists, etc. Relaxing and not doing anything is hard for me, but I know this is something I need... heck, everyone needs it from time to time! 

Anyway, I want to make sure I'm covering all of the topics you want to see. Some outfits, some lifestyle, etc. Which, is why I have created this survey for you all to take if you so wish! I loved doing the little survey with you guys back in February. You all are so amazing with your recommendations and sweet comments and ideas. And I value each and every one of you and try to deliver the content that you want to see! So, please check out the survey where you'll be able to submit what you'd like to see on Summer Wind and also recommend things like books, cocktails, etc. 

Soon, the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale will be going on, too (early access starts on Thursday July 13th, and regular access begins on Friday July 21st)! Not going to lie, this is my favorite sale of the year and I am so excited. I previewed the catalog and here is what I see that excites me:
  • a boiled cashmere sweater... it's gray and a beautiful boatneck
  • A waffle texture cashmere wrap
  • A stunning longer cashmere cardigan (all of the cashmere I saw is very affordable as far as cashmere goes)
  • A lot of J.Crew staples (like blazers!) 
  • All. The. Booties. Seriously there are so many pairs and a lot are under $100!
  • Uggs... I wear them around my house 24/7 in the winter. I have had the same pairs since high school and need to replace a much-loved pair. 
  • Diptyque 5 candle set ($55), I plan on ordering to give as Christmas gifts.
  • The t3 hair dryer I swear by.
  • Adidas Stan Smith sneakers for the guys
  • Patagonia Better Sweater full-zip for the guys (I can't see any Patagonia pieces for the women in the catalog, but hoping there are some pieces when the sale goes live online!)
But I also realize every single other blogger is shoving this sale down your throat and it can be SUPER annoying. I totally get it.

So I am going to post some outfits on Instagram, as well as do a mirror try-on (which was loved by you guys last year), but if there is anything specifically related to the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale that you would like me to post, please let me know and I'll try my best to make it happen!

If you are as excited as I am, you can browse the catalog, here! You can also find out more information, by going to this page on Summer Wind. The page will be consistently updated with my favorites throughout the sale, but I am keeping it separate so if you have no interest, you can avoid it!

And lastly, if you see something on my instagram that you want to shop, but have no time for LikeToKnowIt, definitely click the 'Shop My Outfits' tab up in the navigation bar. Everything is easily linked there and all you have to do is click... no sign-ups or e-mails necessary! 

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