Thursday, June 1, 2017

Lately 6/1/2017

Holy cow, it's JUNE! We are halfway through the year and boy did that happen fast! I don't have much on my agenda this weekend other than spending time with family and friends and (hopefully if the weather cooperates) lounging by the pool! This week sped by, don't you think? I vote we always have 4 day weeks!!

Drinking: I'm not a beer drinker, so whenever I go to a place that specializes in beer, I'm always at a loss of what to try. Biergarten is Hotel Monaco's rooftop bar. It's charming and lots of fun, and it (obviously) specializes in beer. I tried the Rhinegeist Bubbles, which is a rose cider from Ohio and it was SO good. I'm currently trying to figure out how I can get a case without having to make a trip to Cincinatti ;)

Smelling: Prada L'Homme. You all need to get the guy in your life this scent because it's amazing.

Watching: You all MUST watch HBO's Wizard of Lies. It's a movie about Bernie Madoff and stars Robert De Niro. It's a little hard to follow in the way they filmed it in flashbacks, but if you can get into it, it's crazy. It's all so eery and sad. The story is so crazy and unbelievable that it almost feels like a work of fiction rather than what actually went down back in 2008/09. And if you're into that kind of thing, then I definitely recommend reading The Bag Lady Papers, it's a little fluffy, but it's also a quick and interesting read.

Watching II: This past weekend, I saw the latest Pirates of the Caribbean movie in IMAX. It was fun to watch, but nothing too amazing. If you're bored and have time, go for it, but don't run out and see it otherwise. Actually, the best part was seeing Brenton Thwaites... I had never heard of him/seen him before and holy cow is he good looking!

Watching III: I always get sucked down into the rabbit hole when it comes to America's Got Talent on YouTube. I never watch the show, but once I see someone's reaction after getting the 'golden buzzer', I am sold. This video is definitely worth the watch because the little girl's reaction is so sweet.

Recommending: Dove shower foam. You guys, Dove sent me their latest and greatest and seriously, their shower foam is the best thing EVER! It comes in a pump bottle and smells wonderful (light and fresh) and is inexpensive. I have tried so many different body washes both expensive and bargain, and this one takes the cake!

Loving: Bless Box. Now this is what I call an amazing subscription box! With so many boxes out there to choose from, it almost feels like it is tired/overdone. However, this one is AMAZING. 
I was sent the box by fellow influencer Sazan Hendrix, who created it and curates each product! Inside the box are the best products in beauty, style, health, and everything in between. There was SO much stuff inside, including a certificate for a facial at any Aveda salon. The box is only $30. It would make for a really great gift for anyone who is hard to shop for! I also LOVE that in each box, Sazan gives her own great tips on how to best use each product. The Go Smile product just goes right on top of your toothpaste when you brush- how genius is that?! I had also heard amazing things about Differin gel, so I am really excited to use that and watch my zits disappear (and it also included a coupon to buy more!).

Reading: I've long believed in the importance of close, healthy relationships- I mean who doesn't?! But there is now a study that shows it truly leads to better health. Not exactly shocking, but a great read!

Reading II: First I need to warn you this article is graphic... it's about plastic surgery. But it's a really great read all about the gritty details of it. The older I get, the more I think about aging and preventing wrinkles... I am not sure I would ever get plastic surgery for cosmetic reasons, but this provides some really interesting insight.

Wanting: Not too much on my radar this week since it was a short week, but hoping to check out some new arrivals from brands coming soon!

Quoting: 'Better is not something you wish, it's something you become.'// See more of my favorites, here. 


Annie said...

Cincinnati reader here! Bubbles is my absolute FAVORITE! Let me know if you want me to send you some!:) Rhinegeist is the absolute best.

xx -Annie

Kritsida said...

That Blessedbox looks amazing! I love all the products in there!
Be sure to check out my latest blog post!
x. kritsida

Mary Bonacchi said...

They have Rhinegeist at the new Whole Foods in the South Hills! I just bought their peach gose beer there, it's sour, but definitely refreshing!

Summer Wind said...

Thanks, Annie ;) Xo

Kristida, it really is amazing- so many great new products!

And Mary, Thanks so much for letting me know, that is great news, will have to check it out!

Elizabeth Sharp said...

Love Rhinegeist! Have you tried MadTree Soldrifter ? Delish and also from Cincinnati :)


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