Thursday, June 15, 2017

Lately 6/15/2017

Woah. What an INSANE week you guys!!! Sunday night the Pittsburgh Penguins won the Stanley Cup!! Monday, I got a new car, Tuesday I spent all day behind my computer, Wednesday was the Penguins parade to celebrate another year with Lord Stanley in Pittsburgh and I got fresh blonde highlights and date night, and today quarterly taxes are due (ick) and I finally get to pick up one of my camera's from the repair shop tonight (read more about that below). Tomorrow I have a 6am flight to somewhere very fun, so definitely stay tuned for where I am headed on Instagram and Snapchat (@SummerWind41490).

In other news, I've had some bad luck, too. I don't want to dwell on the bad, but I'm sharing more so that you know life is not always perfect! I broke BOTH of my DSLR's in the same week and major repairs had to be done- luckily one camera was done in time for my trip tomorrow, but holy cow was that a bump in the road (and in my wallet, woof). My computer also decided to die, too, so I've spent a large chunk of time obsessively making sure everything is backed up and my back up is backed up.

Reading: The wonderful ladies of Emily McCarthy featured me in their Signature Style Series. I'd love for your to check it out! It was so much fun answering their questions and sharing some of my favorite images!
Wanting: How cute is this neutral drapey cardigan and these blush linen shorts? I think it would make the absolute cutest casual outfit (and comfortable, too)! I am also loving this gorgeous a-line dress in the most unexpected color combos- so fun and so ladylike! Scroll through to see some more things I am eyeing.. there's a lot this week!

Wanting II: OMG. I have this bag in all-gray with gold hardware and use it all the time. It's the best size-not too big, not too small. However, this combo of colors and textures with the updated shoulder strap is to die for. Wow.

Drinking: I've been reading a lot about the benefits of collagen and so many people have been recommending Vital Protein Collagen Peptide powder. I just ordered it and tried it for the first time yesterday morning (you'll know this if you follow along on Snapchat: SummerWind41490). The benefits are enhanced hair, skin, and nails as well as a boost of protein and it also says it will help with digestion and joint pain.

It says it is 'flavorless' so I got it to put in my coffee every morning. However, I can 100% taste it. I drink my coffee black and really love the flavor of coffee and this just gives it an 'off', almost 'plasticy' aftertaste. SO many of you reached out to me via Snapchat and let me know you use it and you have really noticed it working on your body and that really makes me want to keep up with to see if I see improvements. I think I'm just going to try and choke it down each morning in a cup of hot water with lemon (I don't really make smoothies, but maybe I should start?). I'll definitely be able to taste it, but if the benefits are really what they say they are, I figure why not... and no more putting it in my coffee because I don't want it to ruin it for me!!!

Eating: I've had a lot of people ask me to share more of my meals from Hello Fresh that I talked about last week. This one was an Asian style tenderloin with quick pickled veggies and jasmine rice. It was phenomenal and SO easy (and the portions are huge). I skipped this week because I was too busy, but scheduled a delivery for next week and the following week already because it saves me so much time and money. If you sign up using my referral link, you get $40 off your first week (3 meals for 2 people which is 6 meals total for just $20). I mentioned something like this in last week's post, but it's really great because I am making a lot of delicious, decently healthy food but most of it I would never have prepared the way Hello Fresh instructs or they throw in some 'different' ingredients that I probably would not have picked up on my own. It also teaches me different ways to cook and feel more comfortable in the kitchen. I definitely recommend it!

Beauty-ing: Has anyone heard about this Hanacure face mask? Well, I guess that's a dumb question, it seems like everyone has heard about it/tried it since it is always selling out! It gets rave reviews 5/5 stars and celebrities are swearing by it. The before and afters are also shocking, especially after only one use. I'm so intrigued so I ordered just the starter set. It's back ordered until August... hopefully, it is worth the wait!
Loving: So when it comes to earrings, I am pretty standard. 90% of the time I stick to pearl or diamond studs. They're simple and classic and don't take anything away from anything else I may be wearing. The other 10% of the time I will wear something fun like the ever popular les bon bons (or the million different lookalikes available right now). I saw these earrings (they also come in white) and was SO drawn to them. I can't explain why, but I am seriously obsessed.

Wearing: With that said about the earrings, you can see how I wore them to a family friend's graduation party (he is off to GW in the fall!). This is the only photo I took (with my gorgeous mom!!) but you can see the earrings in action and this dress I am packing for my trip tomorrow that is under $100! This dress is SO great for super hot days. It was 95 in this photo and I wanted nothing more than to jump in a pool, but this dress was so easy to just throw on and walk out the door. Very minimal clothing needed, ha!


TLA said...

I'm not familiar with the supplement powder you mentioned, but an excellent resource for smoothie and shake recipes is a book called 'The Shred Power Cleanse'. You don't need an expensive juicer or blender; I use my regular Cuisinart and they come out fine. I use or have adapted *many* of the recipes in this book and the smoothies or shakes are great for on-the-go breakfasts or recovery drinks.

I will say that I do cut the recipes in half (I live alone--when I first started using the recipes last summer, I had my niece staying with me for an internship, but since she moved to her own place, cutting the recipes in half has worked fine) and I also do not use flaxseed oil but will sub ground flaxseed or hemp seed in any of the recipes calling for flaxseed oil. I also pretty much add a scoop of soy or hemp protein powder to any/all of the 'shakes' (as opposed to the smoothies) whether or not called for in the recipe and it has worked out great. I worked in menu, recipe, and database development for a restaurant group for a long time, so I am pretty comfortable adapting recipes--please reach out here if you would like me to email you a few of the recipes I've adapted! (The email I'm commenting from is from my defunct blog, and is rarely checked!)

Sorry for the super long comment, but here is one quick shake recipe for you to try. It tastes just like one of those chocolate covered bananas you got at an amusement park or street festival as a kid! (Approximately 250 calories)

-3/4 C unsweetened vanilla (or unsweetened chocolate) almond milk (or milk of choice)
-1/2 large banana, broken into chunks
-1 T uncooked oatmeal
-1 T protein powder of choice (optional)
-1 T peanut butter (or nut butter of choice)
-if you didn't use chocolate milk and would like a chocolate flavor instead of just peanut butter-banana, add 1 T cocoa powder or 1 T sugar-free chocolate syrup
-ice to taste...I like my shakes thick, and it's very hot here, so I usually use about 10 or so cubes
-blend until smooth! enjoy!

Last thing is, could you share the source for your mother's black sandals? I have plenty of Bonannos/Palm Beach sandals (I'm old school!) but I love those sandals she is wearing! Have a great weekend!

Ashley said...

Absolutely love that stripe dress! So perfect for summer. I can't wait to see where you are off to this weekend!

Ashley //

Summer Wind said...

Thank you so much, TLA! I really appreciate you sharing the recipe!

I asked my mom about the sandals and she said they are very old so the branding has rubbed off, but she thinks they are from Bass!


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