Wednesday, June 7, 2017

My Favorite non-Fashion Blogger Instagrams

the best non fashion blogger instagrams

I love following fashion bloggers, don't get me wrong, but I also have passions for other things besides fashion that break up my Instagram feed. So today, I thought I would share some of my favorite accounts with you in hopes that they inspire you as much as they do me!

Love all things, Aerin Lauder. Her eye for everything is always the best. She has such wonderful taste. 

My absolute favorite producer/director. She's the genius behind Father of the Bride, The Holiday, Something's Got to Give, and more. Obsessed. 

All of my favorite fabrics/wallpapers/interiors. Swoon-worthy colors and patterns, I can't get enough. Talk about some major interior design inspo. 

This wouldn't be a great list without 'Drawbertson'. His talent is incredible and his twin toddlers are just about as cute as they come. I love following him for his great artwork and hilariously adorable videos and photos of his life with twins. 

Tina's home, or should I say estate, is absolute goals. Her taste is incredible and I love all of her decorating tips. 

I met Erin last week and the Dietz and Watson event and she is so great. You know what else is great? Her food photos. She could make a pile of dirt look delicious! 

Grace is a fashion illustrator who mixes illustrations with fresh flowers. It's truly incredible and something totally out of the ordinary. 

Frank is the Sales Director at Sotheby's Jewelry and holy cow, these are the most gorgeous jewels... definitely, check his page out if you need your daily dose of sparkle (like Bunny Mellon's 111 carat necklace, woah). 

Hana's photographs of her travels throughout Europe are absolutely amazing. She's always finding the most beautiful places in the most beautiful cities. 

Mark D. Sikes (designer of the photo at the top of this post!)
Mark is a genius. Absolute genius. I didn't think anyone could love blue and white more than me, but I'm pretty sure that Mark does. His taste is absolutely exquisite and his eye for design is unmatched. He also recently started a clothing line... goals. 

A new-to-me clothing brand using stunning fabrics and designed in unique ways. It's ladylike with a twist. 

Eleonora is absolutely stunning... she also seems to always be having the most wonderful time all around Italy. Can I have her life?

Jewels, jewels, jewels. They once posted a photo of someone with a signet ring and a diamond band on their pinky. Ever since I have been looking for a diamond band to go with my signet ring. So. Chic. Also, I am so obsessed with this cushion-cut diamond band. Yes. 

Her twins are the cutest and her decorating taste is out of this world. 

Lindsay works for Town and Country Magazine and travels all over the world sharing her adventures. 

So there you have it! Those are just some of my favorites, I'll do a second installment in the next month or so to share some more! Do you have any favorites I should know about?! 


Gail said...

How about a fellow Pittsburgh girl, @gailwrightathome - designer of interiors, textiles, and wallpaper...and self proclaimed foodie!

Lucy said...

I love @sweetcarolinedesigns. She is an extremely talented artist and her designs are bright and whimsical. Whenever I see some of her designs, I think "Summer Wind would like this!"


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