Saturday, June 3, 2017

Saturday Shopping: Some Favorites and Some Sales

Items in the collage:
What a week it was. You guys, my camera fell out of my tote bag this week onto the concrete ground and stopped focusing (I just got it in November)... then, the following day, my computer decided to die on me. Needless to say, it's been a very expensive and stressful week. But all is fine and I am figuring it out... here's to hoping the weekend is a whole lot better!

The Arts Fest just started in Pittsburgh last night, so my parents came to my place first for cocktails, then we walked around and explored and then had dinner. It was so nice to spend time with them since they were in Maui for a while! Today, I am doing a little errand running with my mom and then to my aunt and uncle's for their birthday celebration! Sunday is going to be very hot and sunny, so I am hoping to spend the day at the club and work on my tan!

Bronzing Oil// Just discovered this brand via Anthropologie and am in love. Their bronzing oil is perfect for summer, has a wonderful, light scent, is made from natural ingredients and gives you a touch of bronze shimmer. I dab this on my legs while at the pool but also when going out at night in a dress/shorts/etc.

Bud Vase// So sweet, especially in the blush hue. I'm always looking for more bud vases because I love to sprinkle them around my apartment!

White Lettuceware// Cannot get enough. I love the white version of TB x Dodie Thayer, don't you?

Monogrammed Sunglass Case// Love love love this little case. I always misplace my Ray-ban cases so I need a new case and this one is too chic!

Monogrammed Signet Ring// I'm always getting questions about mine, which I wear every single day. It is J.Crew Fine Jewelry and no longer available. It's solid gold, so it was pricey, but I found a version that is super similar for under $60 for those that are looking for a similar look that won't break the bank!

Pamela Munson Bag// I found this bag via Gal Meets Glam and am in love. I love the grosgrain ribbon handles! 
Blush Silk Top// Love how simple, feminine and chic this top is. Wear alone now, but add a cashmere cardigan or blazer in the fall and winter. 

Aquazzara for De Gournay// My dream home will be covered in De Gournay wallpaper, so the fact that they are collaborating with Aquazzara is like a dream come true. I love each pair, but am super smitten with these flats

Pink Rattan Clutch// Not sure if I'd pay full price for this, but it is well under $100 after taking 25% off with code YESPLEASE. I think it would look so perfect with an all-white outfit!

Monogrammed Swell Bottle// Love all of the colors that this comes in and the creative monograms. I have the Lilly Pulitzer Swell bottle and use it daily!

Gloss// I got this as a freebie in a Nordstrom purchase and OMG. This is the coolest lip color ever. When I saw the word 'shimmer' I was turned off, and definitely isn't something I would have ever clicked on. But I tried it and it is the BEST! It goes on with a brush like a gloss and really does look like a princess-y shimmer gloss you would have thought was cool in middle school. But then, it turns into the most natural, lip enhancing stain and the shimmer kind of fades and looks more brightening and highlighting than anything else. I had never tried the Trish McEvoy brand before, but this lip color makes me want to try out more products because I love it so much. 

Blush Ruffled Slip Dress// This is under $100 and SO cute. It's super simple and perfect for vacation when you just want to throw something on for dinner with wet hair and no makeup! 

Also, if you are looking for some great sales... here are my favorites:

Resurfacing Gel// Use code SYDNEYSPRING20 for 20% off plus free shipping. I'm a HUGE fan of the entire Tula brand, but their newest product, the resurfacing gel has become one of my top favorite skin care products. I've been using the product for almost 2 months now and I've noticed a huge difference in my skin... seriously. It's just all around clearer and smoother. You use it in place of a toner after cleansing your skin. I use it every morning and night and it very gently exfoliates your skin because of the glycolic acid, but what sets this apart, is that it also moisturizes using hyaluronic acid, too. It's such a game changer and I could not recommend it more!

Ferragamo// A big selection of Ferragamo is on sale! Really want these shoes (under $300), but they are sold out in my size and I cannot believe this bag is on sale!

Ski Gear// really great, high-end pieces available on major discounts! I've really wanted legging-style ski pants, and these have been my favorite but were always so pricey, so I'm so glad to see them deeply discounted. I ordered them and am hoping they are what I will like/need, so we'll see!

Solid and Stripe Bathing Suits// Can't believe these are on sale...I love my Solid and Striped suit and this pink and white striped one might just have to be added to my collection!

J.Crew// Extra 30% off sale with code YESPLEASE. Pixie pants come out to be just $35!

Ruffled Slides// I have long been eyeing these blush suede ruffled, heeled mules and right now they are on sale.

Plaid Napkins// Very Christmas-y but cannot get over the fact that they are just $20 for 4! #AddedToCart
More Items I am Loving:

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