Thursday, July 6, 2017

Lately 7/6/2017

What a 'weekend', what a 'weekend'!! I vote every weekend to be 4 days long and 3 day work weeks, don't you?!

We were SO lucky with the weather- it was warm and gorgeous here every day! I spent a lot of time at the club by the pool, hanging out with friends, sipping on margaritas, watching fireworks, and spending time with family. It was fun-filled and relaxing all at once. 

One of the best parts, though, is that my inbox stayed quiet and I really limited myself to social media time, so it was extra relaxing! 

Wearing: Just like most Americans, I was decked out in red, white, and blue all weekend long. Above is a quick iPhone snap of one of our sunset dinners at the club. I wore this striped pullover all weekend long. It's SO comfy (go one size up for a looser, more comfortable fit)They have fireworks the night before the 4th, which I love. You get two enjoy two 'holidays'! The firework show that they put on this year was one of the best I've seen and we had front row seats, too!

Wearing II: You may not have noticed, but on Monday, I did an insta-roudup where I shared all of my outfits and all of the details. If you aren't a fan of LikeToKnowIt, I've made all of the images easily shopable in that post!

Eating: If you haven't had Trader Joe's Soyaki marinade, run to your local Trader Joe's and grab some. It makes EVERYTHING taste a million times better. Last night I had my girlfriends over for dinner to catch up and I marinaded the salmon in Soyaki (and that is all!!) and oh wow was it amazing! I also roasted yellow squash, zucchini, sweet potato, and red onion. I tossed it in EVOO, garlic, and salt/pepper and also served a salad with smoked beets, red/yellow/green peppers and avocado. Everything was delicious. I am going to make this exact meal again and often- it was so easy! 
Eating II: You may have seen his on my insta stories, but my friend's boyfriend's birthday was last week and she got a group together to celebrate at Benihana (per his request). I hadn't been there since one of our high school dances and it was fun! This time around, we were old enough to have cocktails- they serve them in really fun mugs that are shaped like samurai's or fish, etc. As we sang happy birthday, the birthday boy wore a Benihana chef hat and they even took our photo and framed it in a paper Benihana frame- so funny.

Drinking: This is a question for all of you. I finally figured out the easiest way to mask the flavor of collagen peptides: Crystal Light packets. If you've been following my collagen peptide saga, then you know how I have been putting it in smoothies, which is great. But I was hoping for something that would also be easy for on-the-go situations and this is definitely the solution. The only problem is that I hate that I'm drinking Crystal Light since it has artificial colors and aspartame. I just read about Crystal Light 'pure' made with natural food dyes and stevia leaf extract/no artificial sweeteners. I ordered the lemonade version and am going to test that out- but does anyone know of an even 'healthier' alternative (you can't put it in anything sparkling since you need to shake the collagen peptide powder into the liquid to get it to mix well)?! I tried to do collagen peptides in water and just chug it down really quickly and I can't bring myself to do it (ick). 

Sale-ing: The dress I am wearing in the photos above is now sold out, but it also comes in a gorgeous red and white striped option which is currently on sale. I actually like it even more than the floral print that I have!

Sale-ing: Major designer shoe sale going on over at Bergdorf's- lots of sizes and styles still left!

 Guys, still watching How to Get Away With Murder. I'm about half way through season 3 and then will have to wait to watch season 4 live when it comes back on. It is SO good. I've also been catching up on Real Housewives of New York. I used to watch all of the housewives series, but since I don't watch much TV anymore, I've only been catching up on my favorite, New York. I also can't wait for the Southern Charm reunion! Is anyone else a Bravo addict like me?!

Listening: I shared my July playlist in last week's lately post, but you can also click here to listen!

Loving: I don't consider myself a 'sweats girl' and I don't think my friends/family would describe me as that either. However, I've noticed that I'm quite the sweatshirt hoarder. From Shep Shirts, to sweatshirts from my travels, I can't say no to a cozy fleece. This one is no exception- it looks insanely cozy and a little different than most other pullovers! Scroll through the widget above to see more of my favorite pieces.

Loving II: Tula is now available on Nordstrom! I love their line and now love it's at one of my favorite retailers. 

I am thinking of getting this upholstered headboard and matching storage bench for my bedroom (my beddings is entirely all white). So far all the friends that I have asked and my sister love it but my mom doesn't. I really love it. What do you think?!

Pittsburgh-ing: This was our gorgeous view watching the fireworks. The night was perfect and we enjoyed a gorgeous sunset as we walked over towards the water. I can't tell you how much I love the fact that this right here is just steps away from me. It's such a luxury that I definitely do not take for granted. I know when I'm older and not living downtown, I am going to miss things like this greatly. 

Smelling: If you're looking for a cologne for a guy, I love Viktor and Rolf's Spicebomb. Definitely give it a sniff next time your at Sephora/Nordstrom/etc. 

Traveling: Possibly headed to Philly next weekend- any must-see's/must-eats?! I've been there many times before and have seen a lot of the historical sites/etc., but would love to know of anywhere new to check out!

Traveling II: This is still months off, but this weekend I booked a Paris trip. I have never been and am beyond excited! Many of you have given me so many amazing suggestions, but if you have more, let me know! 


Anonymous said...

Philly resident here! The city will be relatively empty thanks to people departing for the Shore each weekend (not to mention people that used this short week for vacation) but still lots of stuff to choose from...
- For low key hanging out and food trucks (check out the Liberty Chicken truck if it's there this year), Spruce Street Harbor Park. There's also beer and perhaps other drinks available (although I know you are not a beer drinker perhaps your friends are?)
- Talula's Garden for a gorgeous cocktail or dinner; pricey but everything is scrumptious
- Hot table in town is Vernick (also pricey), also good to drop by for a cocktail if you can't get in for dinner.
- Get coffee (I like the 50/50 on tap, iced) at La Colombe and enjoy it while doing a few laps around nearby Rittenhouse Square and people watching (or get a picnic lunch from DiBruno's and enjoy outside if it's not too hot!)
- If you want French food, there's Parc on Rittenhouse Square for the best people watching, or my personal favorite, Bistrot La Minette
- Rent bikes from Indego, our bikeshare program, and enjoy a pedal around the Schuylkill Banks trail
- Bring or buy wine/champagne (as you know, be mindful of state store hours!) and check out one of our many BYOB restaurants for a lower-priced but still delicious dinner

Be sure to report back!

Annie said...

Yay for Philly Love! So many wonderful places to recommend...definitely check out Ranstead Room for good cocktails. My favorite dinner spots are olides but goodies...Parc, Tinto, and Continental!

Live for today, hope for tomorrow said...

I put my collagen peptides in my coffee every morning! I add a little coconut milk and don't taste it.

Casey said...

You're worried about artificial sweeteners and colors but you're willing to drink collagen peptide???

CeeCee said...

Omg SO many Paris recs. I've been like 5 times and it's never enough. Here's my not to miss list:

Galleries Lafayette (the big one on Haussman)
Harry's New York Bar
Musee d'Orsay
The Catacombs
Versailles (if you have time- it's a full day trip)
the Eifel (duh) this last trip we had lunch at Jules Verne in the tower and it was amaze.
Louvre (another duh, but I'd caution you to go in with the mission of only seeing a few things...otherwise you will hate your life.)
Cocktails at the Ritz
Boat ride on the Seine
Take a cab up to Sacre Couer at night, then walk down to Moulin Rouge, then catch another cab there to dinner

Vin Pain can guess what they serve
Laduree (they have a restaurant on the Champs where you can eat dinner)
Pizzeria Positano

On my bucket list is still to see an Opera at the famous Opera house.

Lisanne Krijger said...

Hire bikes when you're in paris, it's an adventure but also an efficiƫnt way to see the city. The oranjerie, the Louvre, the little statue of Liberty and just wandering around and eating out on the terraces is great. I like the headbord, but I think that in a year you're bored with it.

Greetings from Holland

Rachel Thelen said...

I love the color of the headboard, I am just not sold on the print!

Anonymous said...

For the collagen peptides, I just bought some and also noticed the weird taste, especially in coffee. I've been drinking it with water and adding a few lemons! You can slightly tell on the first taste but once the lemon starts to mix into the water, the taste seems to disappear and it is much easier to drink.


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