Thursday, September 7, 2017

Lately 9/7/2017

Sunset dinner at the club

Clark's Concert with my parents!
Well Thursday certainly arrived verrrrrry quickly this week, don't you think? Amazing, because we are almost to another weekend, but also a reminder that I have a lot to do before we get there!

This week has been so great work-wise. I was able to really get organized and even get ahead a little bit, which is great because I only have two 'open' weekends until January 2018. I'm such a planner, so I love that I have plans set so far in advance, but at the same time, I also view it as a bit overwhelming- but all fun, good things!!

This past long weekend, I went to one of my favorite Pittsburgh restaurants, Tako. I saw The Clarks at the Rib Festival, I went to one of my BFF's parents house for a cookout with our parents, spent a morning brunching in the Strip District, drank several glasses of frose and margaritas, shot photos for something exciting!!, did a little sale shopping, tried a new-to-me restaurant (Union Grill), watched two movies, and had one last pool day and dinner at the club. Safe to say it was both fun and relaxing!

Cashmere Cardigan (on sale)// White Tank (similar)
Leggings (similar)// Shoes (similar)
Quilted Handbag (on sale in red)

Wearing: It's been slightly chilly here in Pittsburgh- enough that on Friday night, pants and a heavy sweater were necessary and I even brought along a Barbour jacket just in case. This outfit is pretty simple, BUT, this cashmere cardigan is the real winner here and it is on sale. I have been wearing it constantly. It's beyond comfortable, super high quality, and chic. I literally wear it with everything- even my pajamas!

Eating: OMG This Friday Krispy Kreme is releasing pumpkin spice donuts for one day only. I hardly ever eat Krispy Kreme because there isn't one near me (which is a blessing in disguise), but I LOVE Krispy Kreme donuts. Totally dying to try the pumpkin spice flavor. Pittsburghers, the closest one to Pittsburgh is in Washington, PA, so a bit of a hike for sure, but for those of you that live out that way, you get alllll the donuts!

Eating II: Now onto something healthier... it's all about balance, right?! Trader Joe's has frozen riced cauliflower fried rice and it's SO good. I typically try not to eat from the freezer- usually buying fresh everything, but this Trader Joe's fried rice is delicious as well as quick and easy to prepare. You'd honestly never know it was even frozen, it tastes so fresh. I add an egg to it and eat it for dinner. Delicious, quick, and healthy!

Drinking: Spindrift sparkling water sent me all of their flavors to try and I have to say, my new favorite is raspberry lime! I haven't been able to find it in my local Trader Joe's/other grocery stores, but I am keeping my eyes peeled!

Sale-ing: You guys, these jeans are over half off (under $100) and SO cute. I just got my pair in the mail yesterday and tried them on. They are so flattering, high quality, and comfortable. I had yet to try the raw/uneven hem trend in denim because I didn't want to spend a ton on something a little on the trendy side. This pair is the perfect price and I don't feel like I'm scrimping on quality! I definitely recommend them. They run true to size. 

 I watched two movies over the long weekend: Passengers and Fantastic Beasts. Both were really good! I love futuristic type movies, so I loved the concept of Passengers (although the ending was a little lame), and I'm such a Harry Potter fanatic, I don't know why it took me so long to watch Fantastic Beasts! 

Listening: Check out September's playlist- definitely the best of 2017 so far!

Wanting: This mohair sweater is so gorgeous- and under $70. These bow mules look so similar to a Prada pair I was lusting over last year and for a fraction of the price. They are gorgeous! The cutest sweatshirt dress I've ever seen. Love this neutral plaid scarf (with monogramming option). I've been pining away for these gorgeous bow sandals. Just need a formal event to wear them to! scroll through the widget above to see more pieces I am wanting!

Pittsburgh-ing: We just got a Poke place (it's about time...) downtown and it is SO good.  It's called Pittsburgh Poke. The place itself is actually kind of sketchy looking... not really the type of place you'd think it was 'safe' to eat raw fish from, but I promise you, it's worth it. It's basically like chipotle but you get to pick what kinds of raw fish you'd like plus your base (lettuce or rice) and then all the toppings and sauces you could imagine. It's such a good deal, too. 

Smelling: The most perfect fall scent. Ever. I can literally smell it on others and I ask them what they are wearing and I'm right 100% of the time. So good. 

Quoting: Real queens fix each other's crowns. 

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Sarah Elizabeth said...

Raspberry Lime is my favorite Spindrift flavor too! I find it at Target and Fresh Market.


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