Wednesday, September 6, 2017

My Favorite Things II

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About 8 months ago I started 'My Favorite Things', which is a series I intended to keep up with, and with the holiday season, I ended up having to put it on the back burner. 

My Favorite Things is a series to introduce you to my most-loved items in my closet. If I were to get rid of everything in my entire closet, and start over, I would still choose these items time and time again. I think you'll recognize most of these pieces on the list if you are a loyal Summer Wind reader since I feature all of these pieces often. 

They're high quality, functional, beautiful, and for the most part, timeless and classic. So, here are six more items to add to my list! If you missed the last post, the items were (I'll build upon this list every time!):

- Breton Striped Tee (Saint James)

Now onto today's favorite things:

I've sung praises for this wrap since the second I got my first one a few years ago and have now started to collect several colors. This is absolutely a wardrobe necessity for me. I use it as a blanket while traveling, as a scarf with my coat, as a wrap with a cocktail dress, and more. It's a bit pricey, but in the colder months, I use this weekly. The cashmere is super high quality and this is one of the larger sized cashmere wraps I have ever come across. My friends and family who have borrowed my wrap have then gone out and gotten one for themselves. It's that good, I promise. If you're unsure about color, definitely go neutral, but I think I get the most wear out of my black version. 

I've talked about these shoes a TON here on Summer Wind and style them often. They are definitely a splurge but they are stunning and so well made. Not to mention, they are a total classic- these have been around for ages and are just a cute, fun shoe. Salvatore Ferragamo is definitely one of my top favorite high end brands. I love both the vara and varina, but if I were to choose, I think I prefer the vara (the one with the slight block heel). My opinion changes from day to day about this, but I think the slight heel is more comfortable since I have a super high arch. If you can't decide which color, I'd say go with either black or new bisque (which is their nude shade). They run true to size, and unlike most high end designers, I do not size up. 

I know a lot of people have a million pairs of sunglasses and style them for each outfit. But for me, I've really only ever favored a few pairs of sunglasses. I go for my Ray-Ban clubmasters the most, but my second favorite are my Ray-Ban aviators. There is something so classic about the gold rim with the green lens. They look great on guys and girls and are just an all around great option. I also have the black on black aviators and while I don't wear them as much, they are also great. They are slightly chicer and more sleek- I tend to wear them more so in the winter!

I have worn the heck out of this tote- it wears/ages really nicely. I love the clean, simple, structured design of this tote along with the roomy interior. The red hue on the inside is a fun pop, but also really helps you to see everything inside your bag. It holds everything I could ever need in a day (including my computer and camera). There are no distinct logos and nothing really 'eye catching' about this bag, but that's what makes it so appealing to me- it just wears well with anything! I think it's a steal for the quality- there are so many other designer leather bags out there that are literally double this price. I use this bag frequently when I travel- the only downside is the lack of zipper, so if you are traveling internationally, you may want to be careful! If I ever fully wear it out, I will surely get another. 

These are my all-time favorite pants from lululemon, pretty much ever. I have three pair, all in black and wear them constantly. They have a really sleek, soft feel, but are thick and tight and high waisted. They suck you in in all the right places and they don't look super athletic, so I often times throw them on with a sweater and casual sneakers for non-working out moments. I really haven't found a legging better than these!

These are my holy grail of jeans. I own several pair and just LOVE them. I know jeans are a very personal thing, so I can see if not every single person ends up loving these, but these are the best fitting skinny jeans I have ever come across. They are beyond comfortable, too. The Halle jeans are fitted all throughout and hug nicely at the ankle. They never sag or fall down and the material is thick and luxe. They are my preferred pair of jeans and run true to size. I wear my usual size 27. 

I have three pairs of these and they are my go-to sweats for lounging. And yes, yes they are from the men's section. I find the small is just roomy enough but still flattering, too. The fabric is soft sweatshirt-y on the outside and warm fleece on the inside. These are definitely fall/winter sweatpants because they keep you warm. They wash so easily and are just all around a great lounge piece. They are also usually on sale, so don't pay full price!!


Ellen | A Pop of Pink said...

I just got the High Times Pants a couple of weeks ago! As much as I love the Wunder Under pants, I'm not sure I'll ever go back!

Ellen | A Pop of Pink

trg said...

True Religion jeans are my favorite also. I don't see many bloggers wearing them so it is nice to hear how much you love them. They are the best in my opinion!!


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