Monday, January 29, 2018

6 Things That Make Me Happy

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Last week, I talked about little things that you can purchase for a 'pick me up' dose of happiness. Of course, we all know that buying stuff doesn't make you happy, but sometimes it can brighten up your day a bit! Well, today I wanted to share 5 things that make me happy that you can't put a price on.  

It's important during these cold, grey months to remind yourself of the little things day-in-an-out that you can rely on for a bright spot in your day! I will share 6 things today, but I urge you to make a little list of things that make you happy, so whenever you are feeling down, you can pump yourself up with your list! 

A Great Outfit
I always feel a million times better when I feel good in an outfit. I'm a true believer in 'dress for success' and in college, I believed in 'dress well test well'. It doesn't mean I have to be wearing a ball gown, but it does mean that there are certain pieces that make me feel SO good! An example of that is the outfit above. It's not really anything special, but it's the type of outfit I feel best in. Casual, simple, and put together. 

Good Music
This is something you can practically 'do' anywhere, anytime, etc. A good playlist, a good song, whatever it may be, makes me so happy! 

Going Outside
Even if it is freezing and dreary, getting outside and breathing in fresh air can do wonders. Even if just for 5 minutes. I find it helps me to clear my head and reset if needed! It's actually been wonderful having Henry and having to go outside many times a day... sometimes I don't love it when it's frigid, but once I'm outside breathing the fresh air, it's actually enjoyable. 

Talking to a Friend
No, not texting, actually talking. I find that when I talk to a friend whether on the phone or in person, it's easy to be happy! You know the feeling you get after chatting with your mom or catching up with your best friend who you haven't talked to in a few days? Always sure to put a smile on my face. 

Getting Organized
I will always put this on my happiness list because it's truly something that makes me feel at peace. Whether it's cleaning/organizing my entire apartment, cleaning up my desk, or, even if it is just getting my to-do list in order, I find that organization and order make me happy. 

Looking Forward to Plans
Whether it's an hour from now or 6 months from now, I find that having fun things planned really helps me to get excited about the future. Even if it's just a happy hour with friends next week or something bigger like a trip to Europe in 6 months, having a fun plan to look forward to always makes me happy!


Lauren said...

Yes to all of these! Love your outfit!


Jess said...

Love this! These are all great things, but what I love the most is just the focus on thinking about what makes you happy. Like anything else, practicing gratefulness only makes you better at it :)

xo Jess

Chris Thomas said...

Love the classic outfit. I love my speedy too☺️

Lauren said...

I love this, Sydney! Although the material things can't bring us try happiness, it really does make the days a little bit brighter. I've recently found that getting cute activewear has really helped me stay motivated as I get in shape for my wedding.


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