Thursday, February 15, 2018

Lately 2/15/2018

This is going to be a short one because I am on a boat in the middle of the ocean... WiFi is definitely a little spotty. My 'Late'y posts aren't really ones I like to do super ahead of time becuase I like to share what I'm loving this week. Considering I've been pretty unplugged, this week's is going to be very light. But I promise there is a great post tomorrow! 

Wearing: It's been SO hot here in the Caribbean (I mean duh, I guess, haha!) but this linen coverup has been the best because it's so light and breathable and still looks very cute!

Reading: I love this article highlighting interior designers and their pups. They offer a few good design tips for those living with dogs. I really liked the tip to have dog beds made to match your interior! 

Sale-ing: You can use code SYDNEY for 20% off one of my current favorite masks, this Kefir Ultimate Recovery Mask. It's super hydrating and makes my face feel so soft and hydrated. I have been doing it at night while I am winding down before bed.

Watching: Taylor Swift came out with her behind the scenes of End Game video and I loved watching it. I'm always fascinated by behind the scenes things becuase it shows you different angles and perspectives in order to get a final product. For example, you see around the 4-minute mark that they're literally dancing to a metronome in silence and Taylor is mouthing the words. Crazy! 

Listening: My mom and I went to a Frankie Valli show last night so all I can do is listen to him over and over! This is one of my favorites!  Seriously turn that one up and try to tell me you're not in a good mood! 

Loving: Drunk Elephant. I bought a skincare set during the holidays from Sephora. I had heard SO many great things about Drunk Elephant. You all know how much I love trying new skincare products. I have been using the products when I travel (becuase they are travel-sized) and after using them in Paris, DC, Arizona, Cleveland, and now the Caribbean, I am SUCH a fan. So many of their products have thousands of 5-star reviews and there is a good reason for that. This glycolic acid is one of my absolute favorites. It's just a great, lightweight gel that goes so smoothly!

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I love the cover up!!



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