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5 Must-Have Items for Women On-the-Go

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review of Barrington Gifts Nantucket tote

 5 Must-Have Items for Women On-the-Go

 5 Must-Have Items for Women On-the-Go

barrington Gifts Nantucket Tote

 5 Must-Have Items for Women On-the-Go

Whether I'm traveling to a different state or different country, running errands, or visiting my parent's house, I am always on-the-go. I have my home base, but I'm usually not there much! Because of this, I carry a lot with me and am always prepared. 

So today, I'm partnering with Barrington Gifts to share 5 things that are crucial to have with me at all times!

A Good Tote// Finding the best tote to fit your lifestyle is similar to finding a pair of jeans that fit just right... it's tough. My newest tote is this Barrington Gifts Nantucket Tote. I have so many of Barrington's totes and I love them all. I find that the St. Anne tote is great as an everyday handbag, the Yacht tote is the perfect travel bag, and the Belmont Cabin Bag is a perfect weekender. 

My current favorite tote, though, is the Nantucket tote. I just received it from Barrington a few weeks ago and it has been my go-to bag. I carried it as a carry-on to Charleston and I loved it because it has so many pockets to stay organized. While in Charleston, it was the perfect tote for walking around the city. I was able to carry more than enough! And at home, I've been using it as my on-the-go tote as it holds my computer, camera, notebooks, and a big bottle of water.

Other pieces from Barrington that I love: this laptop sleeve and this luggage tag. With graduation season coming up, I think these two items are great graduation pieces and they are both priced well under $100!

Portable Phone Battery// Since a large part of my job is social media, I am always on my phone and therefore, it's always dying. A portable battery is always with me. If I am traveling, I sometimes bring two or three, just in case.

Snacks/Water// Hangry is a very real thing for me. I get so mean and irritable if I am very hungry so I'll usually carry around a granola bar/protein bar, a piece of fruit (usually an apple), and a string cheese. I also have some sort of sparkling water with me (passionfruit La Croix is my latest obsession) and sometimes either coffee or flat water. 

Beauty Touch-ups// I don't like to carry around all of my makeup, but typically, I carry a translucent powder, lip color/balm, and concealer. That way, if something comes up while I am out, I am able to freshen up a bit. I'll also sometimes be at my parents all day and then head to dinner with them, so it's nice to have things on hand so I don't need to run home for any reason! 

Travel Wrap// 
I write about my love for travel wraps all the time. But, I seriously can't go without them. In the winter they can double as a scarf and in the summer they can act as a blanket when you're at your desk and the air conditioning is on full-blast. Being cold makes everything miserable so I'm always prepared! 
More favorites from Barrington Gifts:
Thank you to Barrington Gifts for sponsoring this post. As always, all opinions are my own. 


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Thank you Robie!

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Love your sunnies in this post, Syndey. Please tell us more about them. Thanks! -KLV in PHL


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