Thursday, April 12, 2018

Lately 4/12/2018

This has been such a great week so far!!! I am all smiles. This past weekend I got a new couch, got to have a delicious lunch with my parents and grammie, caught up with a friend I haven't seen in a while, went to a 'new to me' restaurant, and got brunch with a friend on Sunday and watched a movie I haven't seen!

I started this week off with a new couch, a very clean/purged apartment and got to meet one of my BFF's son who was born just last week. Isn't Matteo SO cute? It's so fun to see my closest friends become parents! I can't remember the last time I held an infant let alone a newborn, and it was so special!  I also had my first violin lesson last night (more on that in a blog post to come).

I was able to get SO much done in almost every facet of my life. I've been go-go-go this week and it's really paying off... and it's only Thursday! Today I'm getting my nails done with my cousin, then going to get my hair highlighted, and having dinner at a new restaurant with girlfriends to celebrate my bday (which is Saturday!).  Tomorrow is supposed to be 75 and sunny (IT'S ABOUT TIME), so I plan on spending every second possible outside. I can't wait to see Henry experience 'real' warm weather for the first time! He is going to be in heaven.

Then, Saturday is my birthday! I am getting together with friends during the day, then heading to a new restaurant for dinner. Sunday, my parents are having my family birthday celebration and I usually request the same cake. BUT, this year, I have requested a Nothing Bundt the Cake and I am beyond excited. It's the best cake I have ever tasted!
Eating: Trader Joe's always has such good items for a meat and cheese board, but I've been partial to their hot and spicy pickles. They're SO good. Totally addicting and it seems like everyone who tries them agrees! 
Drinking: On Saturday night, I went to Eddie V's for cocktails. I realized they had a French 75 on their menu and it was SO good. I am a huge fan of a French 75 and they're somewhat hard to find on cocktail menus so I get excited when I find a good one.

Sale-ing: As you probably know, the Shopbop sale is going on now! Scroll through the widget above to see some of my favorites!

Sale-ing II: I've been hunting for a new vacuum because Henry sheds like crazy! I found a Dyson Vacuum on QVC for under $300- now that's a MAJOR steal!

 Suave came out with a really great campaign that is worth the watch. I appreciate the idea behind it and especially when it comes to hair ads!
Wearing: I shared this outfit in yesterday's instagram story try on. It's really outside of my comfort zone (the pants) but it feels fresh and fun. Every once in a while I will be daring to try something new (at least new to me) so this was a big step! The outfit is really affordable and both pieces run true to size. 

Loving: Last week, I shared these wipes that I use to clean the interior of my car. A lot of you asked for the link, so here you go! Basically, whenever I have a bit of downtime while in my car, I will do a quick wipe down. It makes everything look clean and fresh! 

Pittsburgh-ing: A local radio host, Colin Dunlap, has a young daughter suffering from cancer. Seeing anyone suffer is so sad but especially when it is a child. Colin created a video with Sports Center that talks about how the city of Pittsburgh has lifted their family up in times of struggle (you will cry watching) and he puts it perfectly by saying, "But there is truly no place like Pittsburgh. I already kind of knew that. But I have a great sense of it now." I often get asked why I chose to live in Pittsburgh because a lot of millennials choose to move to a 'big city' after graduation or just move away from their hometown. Besides Pittsburgh being my hometown, I have such a deep, indescribable love for this city and I think it's so gracefully illustrated in this Sports Center video. 

Pittsburgh-ing II: The other night I got DiAnoia's takeout pizza! I think it's one of the best restaurants in Pittsburgh and I hadn't yet had a chance to try their takeout pizza. Well, it was just as good I as imagined. I definitely recommend checking it out. They only offer takeout pizza on weeknights, so keep that in mind! 
Quoting: See more of my favorites, here. 

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