Tuesday, May 15, 2018

Opinion: Botox

botox opinion

Today, I thought we could all have a 'discussion' of types... on Botox. I guess I should first start off with what prompted this discussion. I read Damsel In Dior's article about her experience with Botox and I absolutely loved her candor and frankness. Before you move forward here, I would love for you to read Jacey's article! 

I just recently turned 28 (a month ago yesterday) and I've started to notice some fine lines on my forehead. I pride myself on taking care of my skin to the highest degree. I frequent my dermatologist and I have a skincare regimen that I am very diligent about. 

I'm honestly very happy with my skin right now. It's pretty clear and healthy. But that's not to say that my skin definitely isn't like it was when I was in high school and college. 

The most 'intense' procedure I've ever had done on my skin is a chemical peel (I've had probably like 4 total and they were all at least a year ago). I really enjoyed them and I think that they worked in terms of making my skin brighter. However, there is a period of 'down time' and the benefits are not long lasting or preventative. They're a great resource for someone who is looking for a quick fix (like in the year leading up to your wedding). 

I'm in the camp of I'd prefer to age naturally and gracefully. But I am also a big fan of eyelash extensions and getting my hair colored which are two things I would consider to be 'fake' (not in a negative way, but my eyelashes are just not naturally that long and my hair is not naturally blonde). However, as fake as they are, I consider them more of an enhancement rather than totally 'fake', if you get what I mean. 

Enter Botox. I'm terrified of needles. Absolutely terrified. And to be quite honest, that is really the only reason that I have held back from trying Botox. Well, that and the fact that there is something so elegant about just letting everything happen naturally (like I love women who embrace their gray hair... ahem, Diane Keaton!!). 

If you have done your research on the procedure then you know that it can be done at a younger age to be preventative rather than corrective. It's very different from fillers and I think sometimes people confuse fillers and Botox and equate Botox with looking fake and frozen. 

That's not to say that Botox can go very wrong. It's a literal toxin that you are injecting into your body and it's something that you can't really take lightly. It's necessary to find someone who is highly regarded for what they do and are able to recommend and understand what you want from the procedure. There's a saying 'cheap Botox is never good and good Botox is never cheap.' Ha! 

Now that I am noticing fine lines, I'm considering (if I can ever get over my severe fear of needles... so I might be considering it for the rest of my life, haha) trying out (baby) Botox in the smallest amounts possible (like Jacey said in her article she only gets it once a year and in 8-10 units). I truly think it's something that people are still 'hush hush' about and I think more people than most people event realize have tried Botox. 

So I am curious; what are your thoughts about Botox? Have you tried it? Do you like it? Are you against it? Have you done any research about it? Does it hurt?! Do you tell anyone that you get Botox or is it your secret? 

I love reading the comments in Jacey's post and I know we have very different audiences, so I'm very curious to your opinions on the matter! 

I realize some people are going to be totally against Botox and horrified I am writing about such a topic (this is not sponsored, btw). That's totally fine! My only request is that you voice your opinion in an eloquent and polite way- especially because I'm sure many who are reading have had Botox and I don't want this article to be a place that makes anyone feel bad for their personal choices!

Also, if I (ever) decide to get Botox, I hope to be very open with you about it. I share a lot of skincare products that I love and I wouldn't want to get Botox and then have you think the skincare products I use naturally got rid of my wrinkles or performed something miraculous that is a result of Botox. 


Sharon G said...

I will be 45 in 5 months and have never done Botox. Like you, I have a pretty good skin care regimen going and although my skin does not look like it did in my 20s or even 30s, I am ok with that. I try to be as natural as possible and eat clean etc so putting a toxin in my body in the name of 'beauty' seems wrong to me right now. I do not live in an area where using botox is the norm so have only had 1 friend use it. I say to each his/her own and I reserve the right to change my mind

Anonymous said...

My dermatologist, who has beautiful skin, is pro “baby botox” around 28/30. But she also stresses that sunscreen and retinol are steps that make more sense for prevention than going straight to botox, especially if you are just starting to see lines. She told me to up my sunscreen game to two layers every morning, and reapply before I leave work. I now use a moisturizer with SPF 30, and then a physical sunscreen of 46 as another layer (Elta MD tinted physical sunscreen was her recommendation). I put one more layer of the Elta MD on about 30 minutes before I commute home. I also use a retinol, and am working up to using it nightly. I am about every other night now. Honestly, a big plus for me is that the sunscreen/retinol combo is cheaper than botox upkeep.

I’m absolutely not opposed to botox, and am happy for people who have tried it and love it. Personally, I am going the sunscreen and retinol route for my skin. Maybe I will change my tune when I’m older. Are you using a retinol now? I do think it makes a big difference, and you don’t have to use expensive products. My dermatologist recommends Neutrogena and ROC brands from the drugstore.

Anonymous said...

I'm 25 but fully plan on getting preventative botox around 28-29! The best offense is a good defense.

Unknown said...

Don't think you can do Botox and no one notices! Just look at the tv reporters - their faces are frozen. Plus sometimes if the cosmotologist doesn't hit the right spot, you will have drooping and you will look worse until it wears off.

It's one thing if you are in your 50's . . . but so young? And once you start, you need to keep it up. Think of that cost!

CeeCee from KY said...

I started doing it at 29, in the year leading up to my wedding, and have continued to do it every 4-5 months. This last time I went September to April (I would have gone a little sooner, but I went to Africa for my honeymoon and had to be on antibiotics, which you cant be on for a period before and after Botox). I honestly LOVE it. I just do the "11s" between my eyebrows, where I noticed my skin had stopped "rebounding" at the end of the day from scowling while I read (lawyer- lots of reading, lots of scowling). I have it done at my dermatologist, and find it pretty inexpensive- about $160. My one tip would to be to ask them to use the numbing cream on you rather than the ice packs. It works way better. While it's not painless, with the cream, I'd liken it to a tiny little sweat bee sting (less even). Coupled with retin-a, retinol products, bi-monthly facials and SUNBLOCK, I've never been happier with my skin.

The great thing with botox is, just because you try it once, doesn't mean you have to keep doing it. It will wear off after about 4 months and you can decide not to do it again. Also heads up- you can't do it while pregnant or nursing, so I'm taking advantage of this time before I have to take a break in a couple years.

Ali McDowell said...

I love this topic! I am 28 and also take very good care of my skin, although looking at my family genes it does not look like the odds are stacked in my favor. My mother in laws bestie is an aesthetician at a highly regarded plastic surgeon and I do intend to get Botox in the next few years, not to “look fake” but to enhance my face, and only the fine lines on my forehead. I’m currently pregnant, hence why I’m waiting another year but I totally think it will be worth it!

She’s told me she’s had tons of girls our age come in and it’s preventative at our age. When I talk to my girlfriends about it they are all on the same page as me about having it done over the next few years. My only hesitation is I feel there isn’t a ton of research on the effects of long term Botox use beginning at our age.. but the women in my family get it done all the time!

Anonymous said...

I'm 23 and don't need Botox right now. However, I have a coworker who is 32 and gets periodic injections. Often we will go out for drinks after work and she is carded more often than not because she looks so young (we live close to New Orleans, so we only get carded if we look REALLY young). She doesn't look fake or plastic and her skin still "moves."

She said that it does hurt but it's slight and brief. She also has bumps on her forehead immediately after injections, but the Botox spreads out after an hour or two and she looks great.

I will DEFINITELY be getting this done as soon as I see lines... it just makes sense!

Anonymous said...

I'm 27 and have been getting botox since I was 25 - was self conscious about deep forehead lines and "11's" and went straight to the source... I don't for a second believe that any cream can do what botox can and would never waste money on any MLM company products *cough R&F*.

I hate needles but Botox needles are so tiny you barely feel a thing and certainly there is no pain at all. it has worked wonders for my lines, I only get it about every 5-6 months (I stretch it as long as possible) but I can tell you since I've started getting it the deep lines I had before have immensely improved with each treatment.

I am all for it - totally worth it - and with payment plans it is just another monthly beauty expense that you don't even notice ;)

I don't broadcast my use of it - just honest if it comes up - it is NOT OBVIOUS at all, just makes your skin look it's best...Hope this helps!

Give Henry a good pet/treat for me, he's the cutest, "goodest" boy!!

Katherine Culotta said...

I'm 30 and just started it a month ago due to crows feet and forehead wrinkles (thanks genetics). No part of my face looks frozen, I can still move my eyebrows/forehead, there are no wrinkles around my eyes and I don't have the wide eyed Ramona Singer look- honestly I truly wish I had done this sooner! So unless you get an overabundance of units by someone who doesn't know what they're doing you should be fine. I got 36 units and the max I believe is 40. The earlier you start the less you need and will need less over a longer period of time because the wrinkles haven't set in. If you are only getting a couple of units and go every 6+ months you are essentially spending the same on a facial or what you would spend at Starbucks during that time frame. Best money I have ever spent hands down!

Kelly said...

I'm totally open to doing baby Botox on a yearly basis (like your friend!). I started noticing lines in my forehead at 24. I still like to lie out in the sun when I'm at the beach on vacation (granted, now I do it with a hat on so my forehead gets NO sun) so I'm not doing everything I can to optimize my skin, but I am olive-complected (is that a word?) and tan easily. My mom has super fair skin and got melanoma in her 40s so I go in for skin cancer screenings annually. I think if I do decide to pull the trigger (I'll wait a few more years.. I'm 28 now and my lines are only really visible up close) I'll entrust someone like my dermatologist at the skin cancer center. I don't know enough about it to know if there are serious consequences of waiting too long to do upkeep -- I am low maintenance enough to not want to commit to something I have to do SUPER regularly; even my faux blonde hair is blended well enough to be okay with some roots since I'm not going in every 8 weeks. But my friends who have had it done look amazing (and probably younger than me!).

Carly Young said...

Ah, this is perfect. I have considered getting Botox between my brows but, of course, have had a few reservations. I'm glad someone as gorgeous and classy as yourself can be open and honest about the benefits of it! Thanks as always, Sydney!

Anonymous said...

I applaud your honest and candor! It takes courage to be so open about such a personal and hotly-contended choice. I took the plunge and did "baby Botox" in February, for the first time, at 34 years old. I have fine lines on my forehead and 11's at the end of the day - though not very deep. My skin is in great shape and, like you, I'm diligent about my skincare regimen and visits to the dermatologist. I also want to age gracefully, but was just feeling like my face was starting to look a little tired. I had Xeomin done after careful research, and was SO happy with the results. It's over very quickly and only stings a little. You don't notice the needles, and they are super tiny. More like microneedling, really! You've probably had things done at the derm that are more uncomfortable than this. I ended up only doing my 11's to start, and then in about four days I was so please with the result that I went back to have the rest of my forehead done. I wanted to see how it would work for me and if I would have any negative reactions before getting more units. It lasted about four months and is gradually wearing off. I would definitely do it again - it gave me such a refreshed, glowing appearance. People were constantly telling me how good I looked, that I looked so well rested, fresh, pretty - but nobody seemed to guess that I'd had botox done. Just choose a good doctor with great recommendations and trust them!

Katie said...

I have been getting botox injections since I was 15 in my underarms. Since I was young, I've had a hard time controlling perspiration and this is the only thing that works. I have never had negative side effects and LOVE my botox! So, most likely for a totally different reason than most, but that I feel safe with each treatment I receive and the longer you are treated to longer your time is between injections. I would get them 3-6 months and I can now go a year!

Phoebe Eng said...

I wouldn't say I'm against it, but personally I don't think I would have it done. I'm in the camp of "everyone should live their own life", so I would never judge someone for getting it! Wrinkles can be really tough for some people, and I've heard that botox can help with issues other than wrinkles too. My mom doesn't really have any wrinkles (she's well into her 60s!) so I may just be blessed in that department and may not need it. But I think if it's going to make someone feel better about themselves or how they look then why not! I also totally get what you mean about dyeing your hair and having eyelash extensions, but there's I feel like there's also degrees to which you can take these procedures. And if one got too much botox or had it done too often, maybe it would affect the way they look or look weird, but if done correctly and safely I don't see why other people should care!

Maureen said...

Botox is expensive so if you start young and become "dependent" it's going to be an expensive hobby (hello, eyelash extensions from which I am currently taking ai break.) You're young and so beautiful. I started using Botox sporadically in the my late 40's and it was fine. But I'm 69 now and honestly feel it's not that necessary and I haven't used it in years. More important to wear sunglasses whenever you leave the house and to try not to squint ever! But...if you want to try Botox have fun w/ it!

Tami Cain said...

Hello, I'm responding to your article regarding botox. I am a fan of Botox, but you really need to research and find the right person that will inject properly. You can have too much injected, and be frozen for a few months, not a good look:). I use a small amount, about 6 -8 units every 4 months or so. The only place that I can feel is around my upper lip. Of course this is a tender area. I also have my jaw injected for TMJ, it works amazing for me. You can always have a glass of wine or laughing prior to your visit.. LOL
I am 54, and have been injecting with botox for about 6+ years, not long. Most of my girls friends have injections, and fillers, and we are all very open with what we have done. On the other hand we do have a hand full of friends that are hush hush, but you can tell, they have go to a non medical place for their injections... And on the final note, we have several of our husbands that inject as well, they are little more hush hush than the girls.
I hope this helps with your decision making. Have a wonderful day.

Sharon said...

I don't know if this is a slippery slope thing, where you start something like this and over the years lose perspective and end up looking scary. I have to wonder if that happened to some Hollywood actresses. But it's a personal decision. I wouldn't judge anyone for wanting to look better.

One thing you might want to consider is how your mother looks. I've noticed that she is a beautiful woman and there is a resemblance between the two of you. From your posting, I get the feeling that she does not use Botox. If you're taking after her and aging the way that she is, would you be okay with that? Just something to consider.

agalandherdog said...

I'm 37 and I LOVE it. I do a little on my forehead and my crow's feet and it makes my skin look great. I also started vitamin C serum and retinol recently (with lots and lots of sunscreen) and I look younger than I did 10 years ago!

Kayla Pelletier said...

Looking just at your mom ALL the ladies in your life have aged so beautifully!! I can’t wait to look like my mom and aunts so I personally am all about the aging process!

Caroline Lee Smith said...

I haven't done Botox yet, but that's just because I haven't prioritized it financially. I saw a new dermatologist a few months ago and LOVED her, but unfortunately the price per unit was way more than I anticipated so I haven't bitten the bullet. I trust her judgment, though, and don't plan on bargain shopping for my face.

For me, it's just to fix just a forehead wrinkle on one side that I know it's not going to get any better over time — my goal is to keep it from settling in. My mother (58) has gotten a little Botox, and I love how she's done it — only frown lines, but she's kept the lines around her mouth and eyes, because she says she doesn't mind people knowing she's gotten wrinkles from smiling. I think it's a good balance.

That said, I have gotten (insurance-covered) Botox in my underarms for excessive sweating. That was about 3x the amount I would get in my face, and the needles are small. I was able to hold a conversation with the derm for all but maybe 2 injections, so it wasn't a huge deal. Obviously the nerve endings are different, and I'm not afraid of needles, but I had a great experience there.

Anonymous said...

I’m 30 and started Botox last year. 10 units on my forehead do the trick. If you don’t want to start yet- I can’t say better things about Sunday Riley’s Good Genes. When the Botox wears off, Good Genes comes close to blurring my three forehead lines. It’s temporary, but very effective.


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