Monday, May 14, 2018

The Parent Trap Outfit Inspo

Parent trap outfit inspiration
I spent a lot of this past weekend reading this book. It's the second book in a series and I really loved it. It's a really easy/quick read and it's like a Gossip Girl but set in the future. It's definitely a young adult/teen book, but it's just one of those juicy reads that is great to read when you have a few minutes of downtime here and there. 

While I was spending a few minutes reading this weekend, I had the TV on in the background. I'm one of those people who just can't sit in silence. To my delight, The Parent Trap was just starting. It's one of my absolute favorite movies (the 1998 version, directed by none other than Nancy Meyers) and I hadn't seen it in a while so I put my book down and watched. 

If you are unfamiliar with the movie, the two main women in the movie are Elizabeth and Meredith. Both are about as chic, elegant and sophisticated as they come. Their outfits alone are reason enough to watch! 

I get a lot of fashion inspiration from my favorite films and this one is just filled to the brim with the best style ideas! I thought I would share some stills from the movie and share similar pieces that are available for us all to wear now. 
Red Polish (best red of all time)// Black Sun Hat 

I absolutely love this look. It's so sleek and glamorous, don't you think? There is something about pulling off a hat in a dressy situation. I'm not sure I'd ever attempt to do so, but Meredith pulls it off incredibly. 
As everyone knows, a little black dress will never go out of style. This movie came out twenty years ago and yet I'd wear the exact black dress Elizabeth is wearing in the photo above right now! 

This is one thing that I don't own and looking at this photo really makes me want to purchase this great oversized white flowy trench. It looks so effortlessly elegant but at the same time, I'm sure it would be super comfortable! 

Again, 20 years ago, but they're rocking classic Ralph Lauren button downs. I have at least a dozen of these in my closet and could not love them more!


Allie said...

I love this movie! I agree, a lot of the clothes seem so timeless (which might be rare for a Disney movie). Now I love the mom clothes, those shifts are stunning, but I remember wanting to dress exactly like the twins when I was little. Even the haircut! Such fun memories watching it.
Have a wonderful Monday,

Abbe Powers said...

What a fun post! I remember watching this movie 20 years ago (was it really that long ago?!) and being so inspired by "the mom" that I actually wanted to be a wedding dress designer for the longest time. It's still one of my favorite movies! Dennis Quaid starred in my husband's latest film (I Can Only Imagine, he's a producer) and when they first secured Dennis I was so excited, because Parent Trap, he said "You know he's played many more famous roles, right??" Haha!

Laura Baker said...

MY FAVORITE MOVIE OF ALL TIME! Meredith is such a B, but I looove all of her beautiful dresses. I also love the outfits the girls are in, especially when they're together.

briana said...

That Meredith look is iconic! And I'll never forget the little blue suit, either. So much good inspiration.

briana |

Phoebe Eng said...

The Parent Trap is my all time favorite movie!! I can quote almost the whole thing. One of my favorite lines (related to the LBD) is from Martin: "And as a friend, if I were seeing my ex after 11 years and I had your legs, I'd wear this little baby. You'll kill in it!"


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